The problems are identified, instructions given

August 19, 2017 Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus Vitaly Vovk and his first deputy Gennady Bryunslavovich Svidersky visited the enterprises of the Borisov region, which are part of the holding company Avtocomponent.
The purpose of the visit was detailed familiarization with the production of enterprises, the identification of shortcomings and the development of solutions to problematic issues.
After visiting BATE JSC - UKK Avtokomponenty, OJSC Borisov Plant Avtogydrousilitel, OAO Borisov Plant of Units, JSC Ekran, the final meeting was held, where, summing up the visit, the Minister of Industry noted the main problems that need to be eliminated In the near future at all enterprises of the Holding "Avtocomponent" in the Borisov district, as well as private shortcomings of each plant separately.
One of the main problems he identified was the inefficiency of using equipment located in the shops. Vitaly Vovk gave instructions to dismantle the old equipment and free the area.
Among the problems of enterprises, the Minister of Industry also noted a low level of production culture. Do not forget that the culture of production depends on everyone and, observing the elementary requirements, we not only create more comfortable conditions for ourselves, but also raise the quality of labor and products of the enterprise, and therefore increase the economic indicators of the plant.
During his visit to the enterprises, the Minister of Industry also drew attention to cases of irrational use of electric power in factories. Since the visit was held on Saturday, most of the shops and departments did not work, but some of the rooms were lit, equipment was switched on, water flowed from the taps. These are examples of mismanagement that must be eradicated. Enterprises spend huge amounts of money to pay for energy, and such a conniving attitude to these resources is unacceptable.
For all identified shortcomings, careful work will be done to eliminate them, as well as prevent future ones. The Minister of Industry gave specific instructions to representatives of the directorate of all enterprises that he visited in Borisov.

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