Remained the last leap

More than 85% of the harvesting areas have been removed from the Troyanovka field. But due to weather conditions, cleaning is suspended.
As assured in the farm, for the successful completion of the harvest they have everything. 6 combine harvesters have already come to the aid of our combine operators from different farms. Zernosushilny complex is ready to accept the remaining grain volumes. As soon as more dry weather is established, the last spurt will be made, and the last tons of grain from the fields will be removed.
This year our economy occupies a confident second place in terms of productivity among the farms of the region - 48.7 c / ha. These are high indicators, because on average from one hectare this year the agrarians of Belarus harvest 35.7 centners of grain.
Among the combine crews, the highest performance among the crew in the AS. Mateykovich and V.P. Petrushin, who threshed 1,560 tons of grain. In second place, V.V. Kondratovich and I.V. Kosov, they threshed 1,444 tons. Also overstepped the milestone of a thousand tons crew in the AT. Goncharenka and Yu.A. Koltunova, whose threshing is 1 223 tons of grain.
Among the drivers of the highest results in AI. Bobovoz (1 636 tons), in second place. Krapivko, who transported 1,500 tons of grain. Driver A.V. Pechnikov transported 1 347 tons of grain.

On the picture:
Aleksey Bobovoz is the leader among the drivers of the Troyanovka Association of Artists, according to the data for August 23, he transported 1 636 tons of grain.
Last year Alexey became the winner among young drivers of agricultural organizations of the second group.
As a young driver who has already transported more than 1,000 tons of grain, he was awarded not only a cash prize from the trade union of our enterprise, but also Thanks and a valuable gift from the Borisov district organization of the NGO BRSM.

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