Harvesting in our farm is complete

In August, Troyanovka opened the harvesting of cereals.
The economy confidently ranks second in yield in the Borisov district - 48.1 c / ha. It should be noted that the average yield in the region is 34.1 c / ha.
Our farm added 11.7 centner / ha in terms of yield to the level of the previous year (in 2016 the average yield on the farm was 36.4 centner / ha).
As noted in the farm, the percentage of growth in gross grain volumes to the level of the previous year was 141.6%.
The delivery of grain under the state order by our farm was carried out in full: 250 tons of rye and 950 tons of wheat. In addition, the Troyanovka Open Joint Stock Company reported that in addition to the noma, 565 tons of rye had been delivered this year.
Summing up, I want to name the best workers who were engaged in harvesting.
Among the crews of combine harvesters the best results were shown by the crew in the composition of A.S. Mateykovich and V.P. Petrushin, who threshed 1 640 tons of grain. In second place, V.V. Kondratovich and I.V. Kosov, they threshed 1,431 tons.
Among the drivers of the highest results in AI. Bobovoz (1,656 tons), followed by V.F. Krapivko, who transported 1 457 tons of grain.
Ending harvesting for farm workers is far from an excuse to relax. Simultaneously with harvesting, sowing of winter crops begins. The farm has already planted 400 hectares of acreage with winter rapeseed. In the near future, workers will have to prepare the soil and sow more 1000 hectares of winter grain crops.
For agrarians, the end of one hot affliction is the beginning of a new stage, which requires no less tension, knowledge and zeal.

On the photo: This year the crew of the combine harvester V.V. Kondratovich and I.V. Kosovo threshed 1 431 tons of grain

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