The younger daughter dreams next year to go to school

Preparing for the school year is an important matter, but I want this process to cause the schoolchildren and their parents to have more pleasant impressions, less excitement and controversy. And it is better to turn this preparatory period into a holiday. This opinion is shared by the mother of many children, Polina Kovaleva, an engineer in metrology of the metrology laboratory. This year their family collects two children for school.
"For us, preparing for the school year is no longer a novelty," says Polina Kovaleva. - Our eldest daughter Miroslava will go to the third grade, and the middle Renat - in the second. Therefore, we are already experienced in this regard, parents and fees for the school year we are in a calm and joyful mood. We bought a lot in the summer. Clothes and shoes were bought last, so that children do not have time to grow out of it.
It is interesting that with her future husband Oleg Polina met at the plant (he worked as a design engineer). She came to the plant after finishing BNTU in 2006. Since they themselves came from Smolevich, they got a place in the hostel of the enterprise, where young people met for the first time. A few years ago, a young family built an apartment in the Cooperative Starter-6.
The Kovalev family is young, but has many children. Oleg and Pauline raise three children.

- The oldest Miroslava 8 years old, - tells about the children Polina. "She's my assistant." Maybe clean the dishes, and dust in the apartment wipe, and make the bed. Her main interest. She is a creative nature - she is engaged in a theater class. The middle Renata is 7 years old. He is engaged in a class with a musical bias, learns to play the accordion. They were auditioned before recruiting to the class and Renat had a good ear. Miroslava and Renat study in the secondary school ?20. The youngest daughter of Dina is 5 years old. She just wants to go to school, looks with envy at school supplies of older children, and waits next year to go to first grade.
This year the children had a good rest during the summer. They visited all the grandmothers and grandfathers: they visited the Grodno region and Smolevichi. Together with my parents we went to the sea. The elders, Miroslava and Renat, were in the factory camp "Salute" this year. According to my mother, they liked it very much, and they want to rest again in our camp next summer.
Raising three children is quite difficult - in addition to cheerful and friendly holidays, it's busy everyday life. In the Kovalev family, according to the mother, quarrels are rare.
- I try, that they agree, independently made any decisions, - Polina says. - It will help them to communicate easily in the team in the future. It is important that they already know how to find compromises and bear responsibility for each other.
On September 1, the Kovalev family plans to go to the festive school line as a full-fledged member, and afterwards they must arrange a small family celebration, with sweets and family gatherings. After all, with the beginning of the academic year, as they say, a new life begins not only for schoolchildren, but also for their parents. Let this period become for the Kovalev family full of new interesting knowledge and impressions.

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