Program for long-term cooperation

Modern requirements for the machine-building complex dictate new business conditions. The key to the success of any enterprise claiming stable high economic indicators is a constant renewal. Of course, modernization, the introduction of advanced technologies, the development and modification of automotive components are not a fast and costly business. But this is the only way of development. And in order to stay on the machine-building market, in modern conditions it is not enough just to follow a familiar path, it is necessary to quickly introduce innovations, flexible production and an optimal combination of price and quality.
In April-June of this year, with the aim of developing the enterprises of the Holding "Avtocomponenti", the working group, including representatives of the holding's enterprises, visited the companies of the main consumers of our products located on the territory of the Russian Federation: PJSC "KAMAZ", GAZ Group, Ural Mountains.
Previously, the holding's enterprises carried out preparatory work and developed plans that reflected the proposals of each enterprise, on the development of new products or modifications for these machine-building enterprises.
The result of the business trip to the Russian Federation was the signing of Programs for long-term cooperation of the enterprises of the holding "Avtocomponenti" with PJSC "KAMAZ", GAZ Group, OJSC "Automobile plant" URAL "for 2017-2020.
The programs envisage the development of more than 80 knots by the enterprises of the Holding "Avtocomponents". Among them, many projects are planned to be implemented at the plants of the Borisov region. For example, JSC "Ekran" has started to develop emergency pressure sensors, OAO "Borisov plant Avtogydrousilitel" will modify the power steering for modern heavy duty vehicles. Even absolutely new products are being developed - electric power steering.
BATE JSC - UKK Avtokomponenty also plans to master a new type of product - it is already designing and developing a starter for the perspective model of the in-line KAMAZ R6 engine. This is a new development of PJSC "KAMAZ" in cooperation with the Swiss company Liebherr. The engine will meet the requirements of the ecological standard "Euro-5". In addition, the program provides for the development by our company of a new node for the gasoline engine EvoTech 2,7. The engine is designed for light commercial vehicles "GAZelle BUSINESS" and "GAZelle NEXT".
And this is only part of the promising developments, the implementation of most of them have already begun at the holding's enterprises.
Successful implementation of the planned projects will enable our plants to increase the import of Belarusian goods to the machine-building market of the Russian Federation. Now it is important to implement all the planned strategic plans and fulfill the commitments made.
The information was provided by the Director for Industrial and Technical Policy and Development Alexander Nikolaevich Chichin

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