Larisa Antonovna Malinovskaya:
"I'm interested in everything I do ..."

In September, 45 years will pass from the moment when Larisa Antonovna Malinovskaya, an economist in financial work of the BFU, works at our company.
Her career began as a student grinder in the mechanical shop, on the site of the shafts.
"The work was physically hard enough," recalls Larisa Antonovna. "At the same time, mostly women worked on the site. I was 18 years old, but I quickly mastered the profession. Valentina Yunaeva was my mentor. For seven years of work in the shop, I received the 3rd qualifying rank.
Larissa Antonovna for this period became the winner of social competition, received acknowledgments for labor merit. In her brigade she was elected a Komsomol. And as one of the best young women workers even received a special gift - participation in the "Friendship Train" action, where young people of Belarus visited Moscow and St. Petersburg on a friendly visit. Only seven employees represented our company on this trip.
In addition, Larisa Antonovna managed to combine work and study in the Moscow Machine-Building Technical School with a specialty as a technician-planner. It was from this period that Larisa Antonovna's professional career changed.
- I took part in the planning department of our company, - says Larissa Antonovna. - I was very interested in working with numbers. It should be noted that I liked everything I did. Work in the shop, social work, study in the technical school - all this I did with love. After all, if you like what you are doing, the result will be much better. The economic sphere fascinated me very much. You can say that I found my profession. In 1979, I was transferred to OOTiZ, and from 1994 to the present day I work in the finance department.
Larissa Antonovna graduated from the Belarusian State Economic University with a degree in economics.
- What qualities do you think a person of your profession should have?
- Mindfulness, knowledge of the legislative base, specifics of the enterprise. The economist should predict a step forward what will happen. And this is logical thinking, and knowledge of production. A lot has to be combined in a person who connects his life with the economy.
- Do young people in the department teach the basics of your work or do you think that independent experience is more important?
- Of course, I try to help. Without the advice of an experienced worker, in my opinion, in any profession it is difficult, but they will have time to develop their own experience. Although it should be noted that the younger generation is more mobile, they have a good command of the computer and I am most interested in them. After all, in the profession, not only experience is important, but also constant development.
- You worked at the plant for 45 years. Did the enterprise become your second home?
- Yes. I'm happy to go to work. I am pleased to see how our plant develops and it's nice to be a part of it, to feel its relevance and importance for the native enterprise.

Photo from the archive (In 2003, Larisa Antonovna's photo was brought to the factory's Gallery of Honor)

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