Accept sincere congratulations on the professional holiday - the Day of the Machine builder!
This holiday is rightly considered a worthy recognition of the merits of all those who stood at the origins of domestic engineering and those who today continue to work for the benefit of their native country.
The employees of the machine-building industry are always distinguished by the high responsibility for the task entrusted and the ability to find solutions to the most difficult problems. Diligence and fidelity to professional duty help successfully master the production of competitive products, improve the quality of manufactured parts, ensuring the further development of production.
On the day of the professional holiday, we express our deep respect and sincere gratitude to all workers and veterans of our enterprise for fruitful work and dedication to their work!
Let the work bring you joy, prosperity and satisfaction. We wish health, happiness, prosperity, vitality and optimism. Happiness, health, stability and prosperity to you and your loved ones, love and harmony in families.
Happy holiday, machine engineers!
Board of Directors
Primary trade union organization

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