Fulfilled his father's dream

It happens in life that you already know from the school bench with what you want to connect your professional life. You plan all the steps, and you go to the intended goal. So it happened in the life of Anatoly Leonidovich Smolensky. His father, Leonid Ivanovich, worked as a high-grade thermist in the RMC, and my mother, Valentina Ivanovna, was a fitter in the MSR on the assembly line. They worked for more than twenty years at the enterprise, they were respected in the team. And so the parents wanted their son to continue their dynasty, but not just continued, but could go higher on the career ladder. But at first I learned and got a good profession.

- My father dreamed that I got a higher education, became a specialist at a good level and "could walk through the plant in a clean suit and white shirt," recalls Anatoly Leonidovich. "My father's youth fell on hard post-war time. It was not until he was studying then that he really was. But he was drawn to creative professions. For many years he was a freelance correspondent in our factory newspaper. He did not like sloppiness and mismanagement, which he often wrote about in his notes. And, on the contrary, he noted conscientious, industrious workers.
I could still fulfill my father's dream. True, not immediately.
In 1980, after graduating from school No. 121, specializing in equipment repair, Anatoly Leonidovich started working in the machine-tool shop, where his first mentor was a wonderful man and a top-class professional, who is proud of the company - Vitaly Pavlovich Nelyubin. And although only a few months later, Anatoly Leonidovich is drafted into the army, where he serves in tank troops in remote Mongolia, after two years of service, he returns again to the enterprise in the same brigade. At the same time, he does not abandon his dream of higher education. And in 1983, in the direction of the enterprise, Anatoly Leonidovich enters the Moscow Automotive Institute, after which he returns to the enterprise already in the design department as a design engineer.
- Do you remember your first teachers in the design profession?
- Of course. I was very lucky, I was taught by highly qualified and respected people, while they happily passed on their professional experience. I have been working as a designer since 1988. I can proudly name my first teachers Yevgeny Ivanovich Slesarenko, who still works in the Ukrainian Chamber of Economics and passes his experience of youth, Nikolai Valentinovich Shirokov and, of course, his direct mentor, who taught all the basics and subtleties of design - Galina Fedorovna Bogdanovich.
I well remember the first task, which I was instructed in the bureau - to sketch the existing sample of the starter with the reducer of the firm "Lucas". With the task I coped well (at the institute I had the only five for the entire training course - on engineering schedule), but at the same time it helped me to thoroughly understand the design and principle of work, both the starter as a whole, and each of its component parts. Much later, drawings were drafted, not even counted. But I remember my first experience well.
It should be noted that it was Anatoly Leonidovich who in 1989 was one of the first in the enterprise to undergo advanced training courses in computer training and applied his knowledge in calculating electromechanical characteristics of starters at the first computer that appeared in those years in the department of the chief designer, Rbotron EC-1834 ".
- It's now the designers have mastered and are able to work on the computer with the use of modern programs Pro-engeneer, KOMPAS, etc., and then it was an absolute innovation. Today, before making a sample, we are developing its 3D model, which can be sent by e-mail to a potential customer to check the layout of it on the engine, and at that time we constantly went to the consumer enterprises with the sample and installed it live, which of course took Well, more time than now.
Although today personal communication with the consumer is an important aspect in cooperation. Based on the considerable experience of work, I can say that the most productive when interacting with consumers and partners are personal contacts during business trips.
In addition to the direct design of the product, it takes a lot of time in the designer to design all the necessary documentation in accordance with the requirements of ISO / TS 16949 - the PPAR procedure "The process of harmonizing the production of the automotive component", FMEA "Analysis of the types and consequences of potential failures"
This is quite a large amount of work, which requires care, time and constant monitoring.
- Which of the design developments are the most memorable for you?
- Probably, for me personally - this is a starter 517.3708. Almost all the calculations I conducted myself. This was one of my first developments, and although the production of this starter did not last long due to the great laboriousness (winding the anchor of the starter was refueled manually) and a relatively small need, but I remember it most. With my participation

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