Andrei Petrovich Shalayko:
"I want to develop professionally"
This year it is a small anniversary - the 15th anniversary of the beginning of working at the enterprise was noted by Andrei Petrovich Shalayko, the adjuster of machine tools and manipulators with the PU of shop number 18. During this period he managed to become a true professional of his craft who is respected and valued in the team. Photo of Andrei was posted on the factory's Gallery of Honor in 2012. Also among his awards there is the Gratitude of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee (2014), the Certificate of Honor of Borisov District Executive Committee (2017), this year he was also awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus by the Day of Machine-Building.
 Quite an impressive list of awards, isn't it? At the same time Andrei does not boast of this.

"Of course, it's nice when your work is noticed and pointed out," says Andrei. - The most important thing for me is the work being interesting to me. I started working at the enterprise as a turner in shop number 18. It was difficult for me to do the same kind of work day by day. I want to learn, something new, to develop professionally. Therefore, I began to master the specialty of the adjuster. It forces you to constantly look for different ways to solve problems, try new settings. When the workshop started to install a new line of machine tools with programmatic control, I and several other workers of the workshop were chosen to learn how to work on this equipment. It was really interesting. We were trained by specialists from Ekaterinburg. First there was a theoretical preparation, and then, together with the specialists, we ourselves learned to make and install programs for equipment. I can say that today I have not mastered all the subtleties of work on these machines, but the more interesting for me is the work - every day we have to solve new tasks.
Andrei Petrovich serves 5 machines for processing aluminum and cast iron covers for the generator. All work is done in automatic mode, and if the program on the machine is not installed correctly, this can lead not only to the marriage of products, but also to the breakdown of expensive equipment. Therefore, the manager has a great responsibility.
"Every time I start the machine, I'm a little worried," says Andrei Petrovich. - Therefore, I always try to double-check all the settings. Here, "at random" will not work - everything should be extremely accurate.
Since Andrei Petrovich loves to study, he managed to graduate from the Borisov Polytechnic College and then the Polotsk State University.
He devotes all his free time to the family - together with his wife they raise two children (10 and 4 years).
It's nice to meet such a person at the company - a true professional in his field, a good family man, a modest and educated person - and that's a lot.

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