Every gratitude is as valuable as the very first

It is always pleasant to receive gratitude for upbringing of children. Every parent is proud of his child, but when it recognized in an educational institution - it is doubly pleasant. It is important for parents that their child is successful, happy, and they make every effort to teach their children good habits, to develop their best character traits that will later help them in life.
It is an extra joy for parents to receive gratitude from educational institutions all the time. After all, high rates of study and behavior in school are the result of everyday work of parents with a child at home.
Recently our company has received a letter of gratitude from the administration and pedagogical collective of the State Educational Institution "Secondary School No. 12 of Borisov". It addresses to Elena Nikolaevna Khatskevich, the mechanic of the assembly workshop No.3, for the good upbringing of her daughter Karina.
- We have been receiving such gratitudes for since she started school, - says Elena Nikolaevna. - But each of them is as valuable as the very first one. Of course we keep all the awards and they make us feel proud. Karina is very clever, this year she has passed the 4th grade. We are glad that she keeps the desire to study. She likes to go to school and she is interested in learning new things. She grows up, she has new interests, but study remains in the first place. Karina continues to participate in school Olympics, where she shows good results. For example, just the other day she was awarded a medal and a Diploma for the third place in the Olympics in Russian and Belarusian. The most important thing is that we do not force her, she fulfills all primary and additionaschool assignments by herself. Of course we praise her for success and help her understand the training materials.

In addition to school lessons Karina  does vocals. She enjoys visiting additional classes and often rehearsing a new repertoire at home, so home concerts have already become traditional in their family.
"I'm glad that my daughter found a creative hobby of her own," says Elena Nikolaevna. "It's nice to watch and listen to Karina singing and studying scenic movements. It seems to me it will come in handy in life. She will not be afraid of the scene and perhaps will feel more confident in the team.
Elena Nikolaevna herself has been working at the enterprise for 7 years. At the drive assembly site it can already perform almost any operation. Has mastered several related professions. By her conscientiousness and responsibility she gained her authority in the team. She would like to see these qualities in her daughter who so far sees herself in the future as an artist.
Time will tell. The main thing is that Karina aspires to be a good person, a professional in her field, because success and recognition come only to those who do not spare forces to achieve the goal. Let these Acknowledgments and Diplomas be the first small steps to the fulfillment of dreams.

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