For souls are generous, hearts are hot, hands are strong, hard work

On the third Sunday of November, our country traditionally celebrated the Day of Agricultural Workers and the Processing Industry of the Agro-Industrial Complex. Undoubtedly, the agricultural sector is a solid foundation of the Belarusian economy. The agro-industrial complex of our country shows stable rates of development, is being modernized and improved.
High indicators were reached this year by workers of the agro-livestock farm "Troyanovka".
- output of gross output in comparable prices by 2016 amounted to - 121.7%;
- production of dairy products amounted to - 113.8%;
- fodder harvesting was carried out taking into account the homogeneous contents of the milking herd and was - 101%;
- the weight of cattle was 104.9% against the level of the previous year.
In addition, the Troyanovka agro-livestock farm this year took second place among agricultural and other organizations of the Borisov district, which produce agricultural products that have reached the highest growth rate of gross grain harvest.
These high rates were achieved due to the professionalism and diligence of all workers of the Association of Artists.
For exemplary performance of labor duties, in connection with the professional holiday, as well as in order to encourage workers of agro-livestock farming for fruitful work, professionalism, achievement of high results in 2017, were awarded:
Gudz Vladimir Vladimirovich, Chief Agronomist - Honorary Diploma of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee;
Volosach Vladimir Nikolayevich, managing director of the Troyanovka Association of Artists, and
Kislitsina Ekaterina Dmitrievna, operator of machine milking - Gratitude of the chairman of the Borisov district executive committee.

The company's GALLERY of HONOR has been entered:
Tkachenko Oksana Vasilievna, chief livestock specialist.

HONORARY GRAMES of the enterprise:
Volosach Vladimir Nikolayevich, managing director of the Troyanovka Association of Artists;
Gudz Vladimir Vladimirovich, chief agronomist;
Scarubina Valentina Nikolaevna, chief economist;
Makarevich Valery Sergeevich, veterinarian;
Krapivko Vasily Fedorovich, the driver of the car;
Poretsky Nikolay Borisovich, a tractor-driver of agricultural production;
Mytko Sergey Vasilievich, a tractor-driver of agricultural production;
Sytik Alexander Vasilievich, a tractor-driver of agricultural production;
Golodok Petr Fedotovich, a tractor-driver of agricultural production;
Kosov Yevgeny Ivanovich, a tractor-driver of agricultural production.
We express our gratitude for your hard work, which is noble and necessary for the whole society. All those who work in the Belarusian land are undoubtedly worthy of respect and honor.

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