Ice Safety Day

With the onset of the autumn-winter season, the safety of people on water bodies comes to the fore. With the approach of colds, the reservoirs will begin to become covered with ice, but it does not always reach a safe thickness and can easily collapse. Autumn ice in the period from November to December, that is, before the onset of stable frosts, is not sustainable. The risk groups are, first of all, children, ice-fishing enthusiasts and everyone who wants to cut the ice routes on the ice. To attract attention to this problem on November 22 is the Day of Security on Ice.
On our day, a number of preventive measures were taken to ensure the safety of citizens, prevent and prevent accidents with people during the formation of ice.

An exhibition of drawings of children of the sponsored secondary school No. 2 "Safety on the water and ice with the eyes of children" was held at the trade union library. Memos about the rules of behavior on the water and ice were prepared for all visitors. Preventive information on precautions on water and ice and on the conduct of the Safety Day on ice was placed on the stands in the workshops of the enterprise and in the corners of the OSVOD. Everyone could receive preventive colorful leaflets on the need to observe the rules of behavior on the water and ice as part of the Safety Day on the ice. Also, there were organized screenings of documentary videos and videos on OSVOD topics.
We remind you that thin ice is dangerous for life. It would seem that both adults and children know this important rule. But often, people forget about basic security, and only one careless step can lead to an irreparable tragedy. Compliance with simple rules is a guarantee of security! It is necessary to know that during this period it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to provide assistance to a person suffering a disaster on the water. The most important advice of rescuers is this - do not rush to go out on thin ice, do not be lazy and go a couple of extra miles by a safe road. After all, the cost of saved minutes can be life.

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