Without stopping in professional development
This year, Gennady Nikolayevich Dobrovolsky, a machinist on hammers, presses and manipulators of shop number 3, was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus for his conscientious work and in connection with the Day of the Machinebuilder.

This is not the first significant reward for a young worker. In 2015, his photo was brought to the factory's Gallery of Honor. Gennady Nikolayevich has been working at our enterprise since 2006 and during this comparatively short period he was able to master complex equipment - the Kaiser cold landing machines, on which workpieces for gears and clips for starters are made. The daily duties of Gennady Nikolaevich include: tuning equipment, tracking the entire process of manufacturing parts and checking the quality of products.
G.N. Dobrovolsky with interest fulfills his duties and does not believe that he thoroughly studied his work, because you always need to strive to acquire new knowledge, both in the professional sphere and in life. When I started working at the plant, I was impressed with the equipment. He began to study with interest the new profession under the guidance of an experienced mentor, and now for several years working on this site himself.
Without a break from production Gennady Nikolayevich graduated from the Polotsk State University.
All his free time he devotes to his beloved family. Together with his wife, they raise two children. I am pleased to build my own house, where I also have to learn, to acquire new everyday skills that every real man needs.
It is commendable when a person seeks to develop and finds new and interesting knowledge and skills for himself in daily affairs. This helps not to turn life into a routine, but to a person - into a pessimist, gives additional opportunities for achieving goals and fulfilling intentions.
Alexander Georgievich Zhdanovich, master:
- Gennady Nikolaevich really deserves this award. He is executive, initiative, responsible. He alone manages on a rather difficult production site, and has mastered the intricacies of working with equipment well. During the discussion of candidates by the council of our shop, Gennady Nikolayevich was supported by the labor collective. So, he could prove himself not only as a professional in his field, but also as a worthy respected person. I can say that it is always possible to rely on him and he carries out all orders in a qualitative and timely manner. Despite his young age, he already achieved high professional skills and became a true master of his craft.

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