An inclusive park for disabled people will appear in Borisov

Our company was not on the sidelines of such an important and necessary social project as the creation of an inclusive park for disabled people in Barysau.
It is planned to create an inclusive park for the disabled on the basis of the State Enterprise "Territorial Center for Social Services for the Population of Borisov District". All buildings and playgrounds of the park will be adapted for people with disabilities. As explained in the GUO "TCSON Borisov district": "To date, we have only an office for ergotherapy, which is equipped with special training equipment for people with disabilities. Thanks to material assistance, which is provided by enterprises, executive authorities and people who are not indifferent, in the spring of 2018, work will begin on the creation of an inclusive park in the open air on the territory of the TSSSON of Borisov district. It will be convenient to organize a recreation area, provide interesting landscape solutions, and most importantly there will be special anti-vandal trainers, which, under the supervision of the coach, will be able to deal with people with disabilities, as well as everyone. It is already planned to purchase 7 such simulators, which will be produced by BELAZ OJSC by the management company of the holding BELAZ-HOLDING.
On the eve of the Day of Disabled Persons of the Republic of Belarus, the organizers of the project received a cash certificate from BATE JSC, the managing company of AvtoKomponenty Holding.

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