Quit smoking ... It's possible

In October of this year, the order of the General Director "On measures for the prevention and suppression of smoking" came into force at our enterprise, according to which smoking is prohibited in the premises and on the territory of the enterprise, with the exception of places specially designated for this purpose. Smoking is strictly permitted during the lunch break and the time reserved for regulated breaks in all types of work.
As noted in the department of labor protection, industrial safety and ecology, the results of regular raids to identify violators who smoke in unauthorized places and during working hours, say that in the departments was carried out an effective preparatory work, and the managers strictly follow the implementation of the requirements of this document. Even passing near the places where the smoking rooms used to be, it can be noted that it became noticeably clearer, the pungent smell of tobacco smoke disappeared. This is already a positive effect. Of course, it's impossible to quit smoking in one day, but at least to reduce the number of smoked cigarettes - it is quite real. It should be noted that 2 persons were brought to disciplinary responsibility for this period. The fact that workers have become fewer is a pleasant fact, which is noted by all shop managers, but there are also such vivid examples as a complete refusal of cigarettes.
For example, Tamara Naumova, puncher of shop number 1, was able to completely quit smoking:
"It's been a long time since I planned to give up this addiction." Nobody smokes in my family, but at work I sometimes smoke and a pack a day, more often for a company. When the order came into force, I decided to give it up. The last cigarette remained in the pack, and it really was the last. For several months now I have not been smoking at all and I have to say I feel much better. It became easier to breathe and somehow you feel more vigorous. The first few days, of course, it was very difficult, but after a week a strong craving to smoke was already dulled. Moreover, my family members and workers of the workshop also respected my decision, and even during breaks and at lunch, they did not invite me to smoke with me. I consider this my most serious achievement of this year.
Igor Fedorovich Mylnikov, the master of workshop number 1:
- Tamara Leonidovna became an example for our employees, who was able to cope with the craving for smoking. I myself would like to quit smoking, but it does not work out right now. Although the number of smoked cigarettes was reduced significantly - before a pack a day left, now can and for three days. I have been smoking for more than 30 years, so it's hard to quit right away. Although it should be noted that with the introduction of this order in our shop many thought about quitting smoking, especially since such a good example before our eyes. And all became less smoking, it is unequivocal.
In assembly production, many also reduced the number of cigarettes smoked. Among them Alexei Gennadievich Siuchyk:
- I wanted to minimize the number of cigarettes a day for a long time. And among other things, because of the entry into force of the order, I finally got it. Now a pack of cigarettes goes for two days, although before it could be a day and not enough. I and my employees constantly talk about the need to smoke less. In my submission there are 8 people, of whom only three smoke. About them with confidence I can say that they also began to smoke less. Initially, this order was not well received in the team, but then they evaluated the effect - there is material saving on the person (a pack of cigarettes on average costs 1 ruble - a good amount runs in a month), and, of course, good for our health. I plan to quit smoking altogether, because I started, like many others, for the company, along with classmates, and now this has turned into an addiction that you need to get rid of.

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