Near the gate appeared a snowman

On the eve of the New Year holidays our company is changing. A long-standing factory tree near the central entrance pleases everyone with its beautiful decorations and bright illumination. At the entrance there is also a Christmas tree and lights up with colored lights, meeting all the workers. Forest beauties also decorate the halls of the factory canteen and the foyer of the House of Culture.
Every year our company tries to bring something new to the festive decoration. And this year was not an exception - now a snowman, made by the specialists of the UGME, is meeting at the entrance of all factory workers. Workers of the design and technology bureau sketched sketches, then in the assembly and assembly section these sketches were made of a wire frame to which electricians installed garlands.
In the near future it is planned to produce and place under the tree three more three-dimensional figures, in the form of New Year's gifts.
The company's services were able to create an even more festive atmosphere for all of us, and the rest depends on the ability of everyone to enjoy pleasant moments of life.

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