Dear energy and veterans of the energy industry, accept sincere congratulations on your professional holiday!
You work in one of the most important branches of the economy. By your own labor you ensure a stable work of the enterprise.
The success of any business is determined by people. Sincerely we thank you for fruitful work, for responsible and professional approach to business.
With all our heart we wish reliable and trouble-free work, health, prosperity and prosperity, a peaceful sky, positive energy and new labor achievements! Let your homes always be warm and cozy, and in the hearts of love and harmony reign!
With warmth and light in the New Year

The dynamic development of energy is a powerful impetus for the stable growth of the country's industrial potential and the quality of life of our citizens. Hardworking and responsible professionals of their business work in this industry, who make our life warmer, lighter and more comfortable with their daily work.
At our enterprise, the service of the energy component is occupied by specialists of the UGMEE united service.
The volume of their work is very large, because our production is energy-intensive and requires constant quality service. It should be noted that the energy of our company, in the vast majority - it's professionals with vast experience, there are veterans of labor who have been working in this industry for more than 30 years. Among such experienced employees we can mention: V.V. Pavlovets, V.B. Molosai, V.I. Babitsky, L.G. Shalash, A.F. The priest. This list can continue and list all employees. Each of them is really reliable and competent specialist, with high qualifications.
The main duties of the services include works on servicing all areas of the enterprise, except for this the plant's energy is constantly leaving for the health complex and the Troyanovka Open Joint-Stock Company.
Service energetika works around the clock: on weekends and holidays, and even on January 31, duty specialists will meet the New Year in the workplace. Thanks to the efforts of the UGMEE employees on these holiday days, the lights on our factory tree near the central gateway light up, the festive illumination pleases the eye.

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