Minsk is the heart of our country

January 15 residents of the capital region celebrated the 80th anniversary of the creation of the Minsk region. Celebrations on the occasion of the jubilee of the Minsk region took place on January 15 in the Palace of the Republic. Representatives of the Administration of the President of Belarus, the government, parliament, clergy, heads of a number of diplomatic missions, public organizations, scientists and cultural figures, honorary citizens of the Minsk region, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and veterans of labor, and foremost workers arrived to congratulate the Minsk region. At the event invited guests from all areas. Borisov represented about 100 delegates, including representatives of our company.
On the day of the significant date, the best of the best representatives of the labor collectives of the Minsk region were awarded. It's nice that among them is a representative of our company.
Alexander Felitsianovich Tikhonovich, head of the tooling department, for conscientious work, high professionalism and significant personal contribution to the social and economic development of the Minsk region was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

- This award is very honorable and important for me. It is a great honor to represent our native enterprise at such a high level, on the day of the anniversary of the Minsk region. I do not think that this award is solely my merit - each of the employees of the division contributed. After all, the effectiveness of the work of the manager is the result of the joint work of each of his subordinates.
Alexander Felitsianovich worked at the enterprise for more than 35 years, began his career with the profession of a toolmaker. Today he manages a large division, which employs about 100 people, each of whom is a professional with a capital letter. The most important in his work is to respect the collective, competently combine reasonable criticism and worthy encouragement. When there is a close-knit and professional team behind the head of the head, the result of the work will always be at a high level.

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