Excursion to the "Belarusian Switzerland"
On the eve of the New Year, the trade union of our enterprise organized a trip to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. The excursion program included traditional festivities near the New Year tree, illumination, souvenirs from Father Frost and Snow Maiden, a meeting with the mysterious Bolotnik, a merry dance, jokes, riddles, songs and dances, a visit to the Nature Museum and aviary with wild animals.
The territory was declared a reserve in 1925. Then, when hectares of forests were killed in the republic and dozens of species of animals, birds and plants appeared under the threat of extinction. Urgent measures and permanent security work have paid off: today the territory of the reserve is a standard of nature and it is called the Belarusian Switzerland.
The excursion was organized with the financial support of the trade union. Stunning in its richness and mood, the New Year program in the beautiful Berezinsky Reserve awaited our workers, where most went with their children or grandchildren. But the program was interesting not only for children, adults were also ecstatic about the time spent:
Elena Daineko (tooling management):
- I liked the trip very much. The Berezinsky Reserve impressed with its untouched nature, where we could see animals in their natural habitat, many birds and plants that are listed in the Red Book. Animals are not afraid of people, and we were able to examine them at a very close distance. I liked the guide who was very accessible and interesting about the inhabitants of the reserve. Each beast has its own nickname, which was given in honor of his savior or the treating veterinarian. Beasts are well-groomed and healthy in appearance, they are pleasant to look at. There are a lot of original handicrafts on the territory of the reserve, which also attract attention. We still have a lot of impressions and positive emotions.

Olga Kolyasen (OOPiRT):
- On this trip went the whole family and were completely delighted with the organization of an interesting excursion to the animal enclosures, from the walk through the reserve, and enjoyed the entertainment program of the New Year tree in the company of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. There were songs, contests, fun, dances, presenting pleasant gifts. With all the fairy-tale heroes you could take a picture. Therefore, not only the sea of ​​positive emotions left the trip, but also funny pictures. Many thanks to the employees of the reserve for an interesting excursion and sensitivity to children.

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