Among the first employees of the enterprise

Considering the old photos, which have turned yellow from the time, on which the first production sites are displayed, the buildings of our enterprise, it seems that this is a "gray history" and all this was so long ago. But for veterans of labor - these 60 years have passed, as a moment, leaving many good memories of the enterprise with which they linked their destiny, as it turned out for a lifetime.

At the plant, Larisa Grigorievna Minchenok worked for 47 years, and began her career in the distant 1958. She was among the very first workers who started the development of a new production line, and all stages of the formation of BATE passed.
- It seems to me that all the best in my life is connected with the plant, - says Larisa Grigorevna.
She was born in a military family, the father was a participant in the Great Patriotic War. After the final victory, he remained in the army. For a time, their family lived in Poland, then in Ukraine, in Moscow, until their father was transferred to Borisov.
The first production site
"My father died very young, I just graduated from school these days and entered the technical school," says Larisa Grigoryevna. "The news of my father's death has knocked me down, and I could not pass the final exam well." I did not have one point for admission. Then there was a difficult period for our family, it was necessary to get a job. At the labor exchange, I was offered heavy construction jobs, but then the case helped. In this year there was a census of the population, where I settled myself as a counter. Probably, I did well in my duties, and I was noticed and offered my candidacy for work at the newly opened Bate plant. Director, Konstantin Timofeevich Golubev, personally communicated with each new employee. I was offered to go to the training of the profession of winding coils for a generator in Moscow to the ATE-1 plant. I agreed with pleasure. In Moscow, we (a group of about 20 people) were accommodated in the hotel Intourist. The huge plant made an unforgettable impression on us. It was a real fairy tale. At first, we were often lost at this huge enterprise, for us everything was new. We mastered professional skills quickly enough, passed the professional training exam and, having come back to the enterprise, started working with great enthusiasm on new machines. But it was precisely the fact that the machines were completely new, and they let us down. They were not "sharpened" yet and the first batch of reels was returned to us because of the marriage. Of course, we were very upset. And ahead of us there were still so many labor victories ...
The first production site, where Larisa Grigorievna worked, was housed in a building, a modern museum of labor glory of our enterprise. Several machines were installed here, and jobs were organized. Then the production expanded, new buildings were built, already more capital ones. By that time, another group of workers had returned from training in Mogilev, who had started manufacturing coils for starters.
Larisa Grigoryevna worked diligently, she was singled out for diligence and responsibility, therefore for a while the absence of a master in the shop, she fulfilled his duties. In addition, she participated in the factory amateur performance - she sang in the choir.
On the Komsomol tour
As a real activist, it was Larissa Grigorievna who was nominated for a Komsomol trip to the Far East. It was a great honor. From our company were sent to this trip only 4 people, and she gladly agreed.
- This trip was just fabulous, - recalls Larisa Grigoryevna. - Take the train from Minsk to the Far East. In Moscow and in other major cities, our train was met with music. On the road it was very fun: we sang songs, danced, rejoiced in such a wonderful opportunity to see the world and take part in the all-union construction. On the train I met my future husband, he was also from Borisov, he worked at the auto repair plant. Already in the Far East, we got married and played a student wedding in the House of Culture, which our youth group itself built. The work was difficult: men were building buildings, and we girls were engaged in interior decoration. Those years I remember with great warmth. We all became friends there, and with one of the girls I talk today. After a year and six months, I returned to Borisov with my husband.
Almost 30 years in the personnel department
In 1964, Larisa Grigoryevna continued her work at the factory as a fitter. Then she was transferred to the receiver of the documentation, then she was promoted to the department of the chief technologist by a technician on changes, by a calciner. And in 1971 she was transferred to the personnel department, where she worked for almost 30 years until 2000.
- It was a very interesting work, - recalls Larisa Grigorevna. - Every day you communicate with new people, you learn news. And what a friendly team we had.
After retirement, Larissa Grigoryevna worked as a cleaner for five more years, supervising the cleanliness in the House of Culture, at the entrance of the plant.
Larisa Grigoryevna was always distinguished by diligence and responsible attitude to work, therefore in her work book, in the section of the award, there are no empty seats - almost every year it was celebrated among the best. She calls the most important for herself the title of "Veteran of the plant" in 1978, and the honorary sign "Veteran of the Automotive Industry" in 1984.
Throughout her work life and today, while on pension, Larisa Grigoryevna is pleased to take part in all the events organized by the plant. Larisa Grigoryevna often travels: she visited Tbilisi, Bukhara, Samarkand, the Czech Republic, and St. Petersburg. As she herself admits: "Larissa from Ancient Greek is translated as" seagull ", that's what makes me constantly travel."
But in one, Larisa Grigoryevna is constant, on the Day of the machine builder she in any case comes home and, having postponed all affairs, is pleased to attend all events dedicated to this holiday. For her, the Day of the Machine Builder - as a second birthday, when you can meet with a native company, former colleagues, recall the years of work at the plant.
"For me these were the best years, at the best enterprise, which I still love with all my heart," says Larisa Grigoryevna. - I remember how the plant began to be built, how it grew and strengthened, and it is pleasant for me to feel its integral part.

On the picture:
1. Workers of the first production site, 1959. L.G. Minchenok first on the left
2. Together with the staff team in 1981. L.G. Minchenok sits first on the right

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