Carefully keeping in memory the best memories

At the majority of veterans of labor of our enterprise in the work book, only one record is a factory BATE. For them, the enterprise was the first and only place of work, here they became professionals in their field, part of a huge team of the plant, their youth, cheerful and active, passed here. Galina Ivanovna Sidorovich started working at the enterprise in 1961, she was then 18 years old.
First work day
"After finishing school, I cooked a cook in Minsk for a few years, but I immediately realized that this was not mine," recalls Galina Ivanovna, "returned to Borisov and started looking for work. At that time, the BATE plant was gaining momentum, and many wanted to work here. I was helped by our school class teacher, she recommended me, said that I am a responsible and serious girl. And this determined my future. I started working at the punching site. Then it was a small building, where there was also an instrument shop, a roller shop, and our punching. About 50 people worked on the site, but three shifts were organized. I well remember my first working day, when I came to the shop where large stamping machines were placed, they showed me how to work on them. My task was to chop the plate for the anchor. Of course, they told us about the observance of safety precautions, as with the slightest carelessness one could be left without fingers, and even without hands. I immediately understood the basics of work, quickly got used to the team. I guess I just found my place of work.
The young girl quickly studied the equipment, the nomenclature and acquired the necessary skills of work, increased the qualification level, and at that time the plant grew. The stamping shop was moved to another building (where shops No. 4 and No. 18 are now located), conveyor equipment, new machine tools have already appeared, in the early 1970s the number of workers in the stamping shop reached 500 people.
Trade union work
Galina Ivanovna worked at the plant for 39 years, of which 12 years was the chairman of the shop committee of the stamping shop.
- Before that, I worked for several years as a professional group, collected contributions, made out the documentation, - says Galina Ivanovna. - Carefully and accurately fulfilled these duties. In 1987, at the general meeting, my candidacy was nominated for the position of the shop committee and approved by open voting.
The work of the chairman of the shop committee Galina Ivanovna successfully combined with the responsibilities of the work distributor. It helped with everything to cope with the fact that the shop committee consisted of 7-10 people. Everyone was in charge of his work site.
"Our shop was often the leader in socialist competitions, so it was impossible to admit that someone in the shop would have been absentminded or was convicted of drunkenness," recalls Galina Ivanovna. - Such preventive work was conducted in the shop very actively, because one truancy - and the shop is already among the laggards in the socialist competition. Therefore, the responsibility was shared. Subbotniks were constantly held, with visits to Dudinka. Our shop actively and successfully performed in ski competitions. Very interesting we arranged lights and concerts. I remember the number of young workers of our shop in the contest "Ah well, guys!". Three representatives of stamping put on ballet tutu and depicted the dance of small swans - the number subdued all those present, and they became the best in this contest.
Galina Ivanovna went on deserved vacation on December 31, 1998. She still came to the festive and anniversary dates of the enterprise for some time, but today Galina Ivanovna can not fully move herself, therefore she gladly accepts her former colleagues at her guests' place. She does not lose her cheerfulness and recalls with pleasure the years of work at the company, carefully storing all the photographs of the time when the history of her native plant began.

On the picture:

- At the punching site in 1963. G.I. Sidorovich (in the center) with two colleagues

- New Year's flame in 1962. Galina Ivanovna is in the second row (the first girl on the left)

- Workers of the stamping shop in the 60s. G.I. Sidorovich sits first on the right

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