The work of a technologist requires concentration

For more than 12 years Sergey Alexandrovich Zenovich, the leading UGT engineer, has been working at the enterprise.

He started his career at the plant as an engineer as a technologist in shop number 17, he is responsible for the technological support of this workshop today. He came to the enterprise as a knowledgeable specialist, since he had experience working as a technologist at another plant, in addition, Sergei Alexandrovich graduated from the auto-tractor department of BNTU. Of course, production processes, equipment, manufactured parts - all this was new. But he quickly mastered this work, especially since there were a number of experienced specialists who worked at the enterprise for many years and taught the specifics of the profession. His first mentor Sergey Alexandrovich calls Vasily Ilich Volchik. And Tamara Vasilievna Rassokhina, laid the whole necessary base for conducting high-quality technical support of the workshop.
- I still use the base of technological documentation developed by Tamara Vasilyevna, - says Sergey Alexandrovich. - Since 2014 I have been transferred to UGT, where I work under the guidance of experienced and competent specialists - the chief technologist D.V. Mickiewicz and the head of the bureau, D.V. Razanova.
The main qualities necessary in his work he calls attention, concentration and concentration.
- It is necessary to carefully and carefully develop technological processes, because every mistake can lead to the manufacture of a marriage, and hence the big losses for the plant, - says Sergey Alexandrovich. - You need to be able to concentrate on fulfilling your duties. It is often enough to make changes in the design of products, especially many modifications from generators. After all, even a small change requires the preparation of a new process technology, which requires a large amount of work to be performed by a technologist: it is necessary to conduct production training, order the necessary tools, test and make changes to the operating instructions-all this is a laborious process.
At the stage of manufacturing the part, the technologist should work near the adjuster in the workshop, monitor the correctness of the operation, and make adjustments if necessary.
- Today, shop number 17 is located, it can be said, on three sites, - says Sergey Alexandrovich, - and some equipment works on the 2nd production site. Therefore, you have to constantly move around these areas in order to have time to perform all the necessary amount of work.
Sergei Alexandrovich has an interesting hobby - he collects small cars. Today there are about a hundred exhibits in his collection. He has been very fond of automotive engineering since childhood. He even got the right to drive when he was 17 years old. So he grew into his passion for work - now he is engaged in the manufacture of auto components. For any person it is important to find a profession in life.

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