"Eternal" engineer-innovator
The history of our enterprise was built by outstanding people, real professionals who chose the work of their life - daily complex work. Viktor Bronislavovich Stankevich - an innovative engineer, laureate of the state premium of the BSSR, a veteran of the automobile industry - sought to alleviate the hard work of people. He is a man of outstanding technical abilities, widely thinking, during the period of work at the plant he developed and implemented more than 150 rationalization and inventive innovations.
A young qualified adjuster
The work experience of Viktor Bronislavovich at the enterprise is 48 years. In January 1962, he was admitted to the plant as a fitter in the 4th category for the drive sector. In the team of the young guy who already had the fourth qualification rank was accepted with distrust. More experienced commissioners even offered to test his skills in practice and gave a small task of tuning the machine, with this Victor Bronislavovich successfully coped. It should be noted that he received the 4th grade after training at the Minsk Tractor Plant, where he was sent from a previous job.
A young skilled serviceman was appointed as a foreman and sent to Moscow to the ATE-1 plant to receive the equipment that was transferred to our company. These machines were designed to organize a mechanical workshop number 4, where Viktor Bronislavovich became a master, and in 1966, an engineer-technologist, then head of a technical bureau, and since 1997 - deputy head of shop number 4, in this position he worked until 2010.
The first rationalization proposal Victor Bronislavovich sold in 1963, it concerned changing the design of the gears of the starter. For this proposal, he received 7 rubles and 50 kopecks - the amount is more than modest, but this was only the beginning.
"The money reward, of course, was important for me, but most of all I wanted to ease the work of the workers of our shop," recalls Viktor Bronislavovich. - In the mechanical shop, mostly women worked, and many operations required serious physical strength. They asked me to come up with something, and I could not pass by. There was an idea, I talked with the adjusters of our shop, together with which we tried to change the design or improve the process. I will not hide it, not always everything turned out the first time, but we tried to bring it to the end and, as on the ladder, "reach" to the correct and more rational solution of the problem. The most important thing is that the people who have become infected with the idea "get infected", I alone could not cope. I had very professional assistants - the brothers Reshetniki Peter and Vasily, Vladimir Klimkovich, Sergey Khvatik. Together we were able to introduce many useful changes, improve the operation of equipment and facilitate the work of our employees. And the money I received for my development, my wife and I tried to save - and eventually bought a car on them - a beige "penny".
The most effective rationalization proposals of Viktor Bronislavovich include the modernization of the construction of a lathe, the introduction and development of a test bench. Many proposals Viktor Bronislavovich introduced during the development of the method of cold extrusion of parts - this was a real breakthrough in the engineering industry throughout the country.
Working at the enterprise, Victor Bronislavovich graduated from the Belarusian Public Institute of Patent Science in absentia, and the knowledge gained at the institute was very useful to him when developing many innovations.
Family - reliable support
The development and implementation of promotional proposals took a lot of time. Often had to stay in the company, regardless of personal time and with family issues. But Victor Bronislavovich always found support from his relatives. Together with his wife, Pima Mikhailovna, they lived 56 years, brought up two children. Father was able to pass on to children a love of technical sciences. Tatiana's daughter, after graduating from the machine-building faculty, worked for several years at our plant, but, having met her future husband, who lived in Mogilev, moved to him. Today she works as a head of the Polytechnic College. Son Vitaly continued the dynasty and has been working at the plant for many years. Native sister Valentina Bronislavovna Gerasimenko also worked for a long time at the plant in the department of the chief technologist, and her sister Galina Bronislavovna Reut in shop number 15. This is a glorious dynasty - people who are known and respected in the enterprise. Unfortunately, Valentina's sisters are no longer alive, but her memory is alive in the hearts of close people and colleagues.
It is very important, even in life, to remember those people who were at the root of the formation of our enterprise. Opening the album of Viktor Bronislavovich, it is evident with what love and respect that he collected all the photographs, newspaper clippings, honorable awards his wife. Here he is with his colleagues, and here for his favorite business is the improvement of the production process. Of course, the family suffered from such professional dedication of Viktor Borisovich, but it was his life's business, therefore Pima Mikhailovna respectfully accepted him as he is.
"I can not even remember the day when he came home from work on time," says Pima Mikhailovna, "always some kind of development, development ... But I immediately realized that this is a person of business. He even being the deputy chief of the shop, always together with the adjusters was engaged in tuning the machines, disassembling and assembling the equipment. I got used to it and tried not to reproach my husband, realizing that he could not do otherwise. This album with photos of her husband and with newspaper sketches about him I began to lead a very long time. After all, when he worked at the factory, his photos were everywhere, he was written about him, so I decided to keep this memory.
Reading articles from newspapers about Viktor Bronislavovich, it's hard to even imagine that one person is able to make so many innovations in the plant's work.
After retiring, Viktor Bronislavovich worked for 10 years at the plant in shop number 4.
- I was even called "eternal", - recalls Viktor Bronislavovich.
Indeed, the rationalization proposals developed by him brought tremendous benefits to the enterprise, most of them today and in the future will be in demand by factory workers, and to some extent, they will indeed become "eternal". Like Viktor Bronislavovich with his tenacious mind of a technologist, a constant desire to improve and improve, for the benefit of every worker and the whole enterprise.

In the photo: Viktor Bronislavovich Stankevich, 1963

Victor Bronislavovich together with Vladimir Klimkovic for the development of another improvement

Victor Bronislavovich (in the second row second from the right) among the awarded with an honorary badge

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