From childhood I knew that I would be a military man

Military service is always honorable and responsible. It is chosen by real patriots of the country, faithful to duty and honor. A lot of retired military men work at our company. They are, for the most part, conscientious in the performance of their duties, fair and fair to the employees of the enterprise.
Andrei Starostin, the controller at the checkpoint, was born in the family of a military officer. Father Nikolai Ivanovich, who is no longer alive, has finished his service as a lieutenant colonel of the Air Defense Forces. Together with his parents, Andrei Nikolayevich lived in different cities.
"I was born in Hungary," he recalls. - From the first to the fifth class I studied in Germany. After his father was transferred to Belarus, where he served in Bobruisk, Ivatsevichi. Of course, it was interesting to see the different corners of the world, but the constant relocation was very annoying. I had to be a beginner at school almost always. While my father was serving, we moved very often. The last place of his service was the town of Ivatsevichi, but parents received their apartment in Borisov, where we moved the whole family. I did not even think about what profession to choose for myself in the future - from childhood I knew that I would be a military man. I wanted to serve in the air defense troops, like my father.
Andrei graduated from the Leningrad Higher Military School of Air Defense. The distribution was sent to Ukraine in the city of Svetlovodsk, Kirovograd region, where he served in the anti-aircraft missile regiment for 11 years. He retired in the rank of major.
"My military career took shape without any special moves," says Andrei Nikolaevich. "It's a rarity for the military." Of course, often I had to go to the exercises. Once every two years, large-scale exercises were held, in which our regiment participated. We left for a month in the Astrakhan region at the military training ground "Ashuluk", where the military-educational activities unfolded. The S-200 long-range antiaircraft missile systems were in service with our regiment. This is a serious weapon, the management of which requires a high level of training.
Divided all the hardships of military life with Andrei Nikolaevich his wife, together they brought up two children - a son and a daughter. The son passed the "course of a young fighter" in the 740th anti-aircraft missile brigade in Borisov, but he did not want to tie up his life with military affairs, and Andrei Nikolayevich did not insist, knowing what a difficult job it is to be constantly on defense of his Motherland.

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