The machine tool maker must be a multidisciplinary specialist

Communicating with veterans of labor, every time I catch myself thinking that without their enthusiasm and diligence our enterprise could not take a high position in the engineering industry of the country and come to such a beautiful anniversary - the 60th anniversary. BATE, like any other enterprise, began with several workers, small shops and simple machine tools. The equipment, at the initial stages, was transferred by other larger machine-building plants, but in the early 1960s our plant already organized its machine tool shop, which was equipped with the necessary machines, and staffed by knowledgeable workers.
According to work and honor
43 years worked Evgeny Vasilievich Istomenko in the machine-tool division of the enterprise.
- He started his career at the plant in 1966 as a mechanic in the bureau of automation and mechanization, - recalls Evgeny Vasilievich. - At that time, no more than 20 people worked in the bureau. Of course, in order to master the machine tool industry, it was necessary first to gain experience from senior employees. I diligently took over the experience, learned to read the drawings, understand the specifics of the work. At first, I independently assembled simple machines, for example, workbenches, manufactured parts for starters by templates. And then, together with more experienced workers, he began to collect complex multifunctional lines for the company's workshops. Many machines, which were assembled by our machine tool builders, are still operated in different shops of the enterprise.
Sometimes it took several months to produce the line. The work was carried out according to the drawings, which were the designers of the enterprise. The development of new parts or modifications of starters and generators required constant updating of equipment, its improvement, so the workers of the machine-tool shop could be called multidisciplinary specialists, they had to study the subtleties of different professions. This, on the one hand, is very interesting, there is no monotony and monotony, but, on the other hand, requires constant development from the employee, improvement of knowledge and skills.
Yevgeny Vasilievich's conscientious work was often celebrated among the best workers. Honorable awards at his house are very many. Having worked only two years at the enterprise, the young locksmith was awarded with the Certificate of Honor, and in 1969 his photo was brought to the factory Honor Gallery, a year later - the name of Evgeny Vasilievich is entered in the Book of Honor of the enterprise. He was both an excellent quality, and the winner of the socialist competition, Best in the profession. The title "Veteran of Automotive and Agricultural Engineering" was given to him in 1993. Even when he was sent to help in the sponsored collective farm, he became the leader of harvesting or sowing there.
Labor dynasty
Together with the labor awards are carefully kept thanks for the upbringing of children. Together with his wife Tamara Pavlovna they brought up two children. Senior Vitalik during his school practice worked at the plant for a month and during this time was awarded a diploma, and the parents received gratitude for the good upbringing of his son. But he connected his career with the service in the police. Daughter Tatyana from childhood was engaged in singing and often performed in the choir "Rovesniki" of our sponsored school number 2 at the enterprise. Parents with pleasure went to concerts with her participation. Today Tatyana works at the Borisov Polytechnic College as the head of the Department for Educational Work with Youth. Last year, Yevgeny Vasilyevich and his wife celebrated the golden jubilee from the day of the wedding.
A lot of honorable awards and his wife, Eugene Vasilyevich, who also worked at the company for many years. She began as a fitter-assembler in the shop, then was sent to Chuvashiya for several months to develop a new production of electrical panels.
Since 1970, Yevgeny Vasilievich's cousin Vasily Fedorovich Istomenko worked at the enterprise. His wife by will of fate became Tamara Pavlovna's own sister - Alevtina, who also worked at the plant in the assembly shop for many years. All representatives of this working dynasty are respected and well-deserved people who for many years worked honestly and conscientiously at the enterprise.
Passing experience
Yevgeny Vasilyevich left for a deserved vacation in 2009. After that, several times the shop workers turned to the experienced employee for help and advice, he gladly helped. After all, he knows the equipment of the enterprise very well, a large number of machines was assembled with his direct participation. Many of them for many more years will serve for the benefit of the enterprise, as well as the huge experience that Yevgeny Vasilyevich passed on to his students. Some of his former students still work at the plant. For example, Alexander Popkovich works as a mechanic of mechanic-assembly works of the 6th grade in UGME. He recalls his mentor with warmth, who taught not only the basics of machine-tool construction, but also instilled interest in the chosen profession, love and respect for the company you work for.
On the photo: Evgeny Vasilievich Istomenko, his wife - Tamara Pavlovna

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