I try to always remain beautiful

The production at our enterprise is complex, high-tech, it is difficult to call it female, but in the shops on the basic operations most of the women work. Each of them makes its invaluable contribution to the common cause, while remaining beautiful and attractive.

Raisa Vasilievna Karshakevich, driller of the workshop number 3, from among those women who in any situation tries to be on top: always made up, neatly brushed, cleanly dressed.
"I should always look good," Raisa Vasilievna says. - And in my youth, I paid great attention to my appearance and now I try. No matter how old you are or how difficult a profession - a woman should always be a woman.
She took a job in 1981, she was not yet 18 years old and the first acquaintance with the production made an indelible impression
"When I first came to the shop, I looked at the equipment, I was a little scared," Raisa Vasilyevna recalls. - I was afraid that I could not manage it. But I was very much supported by the team. My first mentors became Valentina Klimkovich, who helped me to master the profession of a revolver-revolver. In a few years I have already raised the qualification level. After mastering several related professions: turner, puncher, driller - today I can work on any equipment on the site.
Raisa Vasilievna all these years working in one brigade number 19. Today she is the most experienced worker here. For many, she became a wise and professional mentor.
-I still can not say that my work is boring or uninteresting to me, says Raisa Karshakevich. - I feel right, I know everyone here and everyone knows me. Yes, someone can call my work boring and monotonous, but after all I'm doing important and necessary work, working in a friendly and united team, I understand that I benefit the enterprise. Is this not enough? I have enough to feel in demand and happy. Moreover, I also found my own happiness in the company.
With her future husband Raisa Vasilievna met in the factory dormitory, at the dance. A handsome, educated young man immediately liked her. This sympathy turned out to be mutual and, after meeting only six months, the young people got married. Together they are 36 years old, brought up two sons. The eldest son receives a third higher education, the youngest also graduated from the university. They both live in Minsk today, but often come to their parents. In their family, a remarkable addition is the first grandson who will celebrate his first birthday in March.
Raisa Vasilievna appreciates all the happy moments in life, especially since there are more reasons for joy, she believes.
"A loving husband, good children, a little granddaughter, a favorite work are all the components of women's happiness," Raisa Vasilievna says. - The main thing is to be able to enjoy this every day and live happily.

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