"BATE is the only entry in the workbook"

When people are talking about people who have worked for many years at the enterprise, in the same shop and brigade, you involuntarily get a special respect for these workers. After all, despite the hard and difficult work, they do not even imagine another business to which they could devote their lives
Start of work
In March, now far away in 1969, Sofya Fominichna Makaterchik started her career at our enterprise. Her entire working life was connected with the workshop number 4, Brigade # 36 to assemble the drive - here she worked for 41 years. It is even difficult to calculate how many drives were assembled by the hands of this hardworking and responsible woman.
"I remember my first working day well," recalls Sophia Fominichna. - I was then 18 years old, I was accepted as a pupil of a gadget in a machine shop. Here I was shown several times how a tooth-grinding operation is performed on the machine, told about the safety precautions and offered to repeat it yourself. And I immediately succeeded, after I visually checked the quality of the performed operation, and began to make the following detail. I do not remember how many pieces I made on my first working day, but it seemed to me that a lot. I can not say that it was scary, or afraid that I can not manage it. Probably, even there was a certainty that it was here that I would get everything. I was comfortable and good in this team from the first day, probably, I immediately felt that I would work here for many years.
In 1971 Sophia Fominichna mastered the profession of fitter-assembler. The enterprise began actively developing new starter models, reducing their size, changing the design, this required the development and development of new drives, for each model of the starter.
- Of course, it was not easy to understand the intricacies of manufacturing each type of drive, but we with interest mastered new types of drives, carefully studied the technical documentation, - says Sofya Fominichna.
The foreman of 1 class
Happy is the person whose profession becomes a vocation for him, who knows and loves his work. They are, as a rule, the backbone of any team, help to withstand the enterprise in difficult times, often become leaders in the team. Sophia Fominichna has earned her respect in the team with her diligence and responsible attitude and since 1986 she has been appointed brigade leader of the brigade No. 36.
"It was my job as a team leader to distribute the assignment among all the brigade employees, but I had to take into account that each type of drive was evaluated differently, and it was important not to offend anyone," recalls Sofya Fominichna.
- It should be noted that in addition to brigade, I had to fulfill my duties as fitter. At the same time, as a team leader, she had to be an example in her work, to observe all the necessary requirements for high-quality and fruitful work. In 1987, I was able to become a foreman of the 2nd class, and in 1990 - 1 class.
Sophia Fominichna wrote poetry in her free time, several of which were printed in the factory newspaper. Of course, the collective was proud of its foreman, and the newspapers with her poems were placed in the most prominent place in the shop.
At the plant Sophia Fominichna met her future husband, who also worked in a mechanical shop and even for a while in one brigade with her. Vasily Vladimirovich is also a labor veteran of our enterprise, he worked at the plant for 44 years. He started as a turner, for a long time worked as a driver of an electric car, then as a lift driver. Together they lived 48 years, brought up three children, are happy with the successes of seven grandchildren and one great-grandson.
With great love they remember the years of work at the enterprise:
"Even in the most difficult times for the plant, we did not even think about changing jobs," says the wife of Macaterczyk. - Here we met, got a profession, from the factory built an apartment. For many years they worked in a cohesive and responsible team. The plant has become a part of our life for us. This is the only entry in our work book and we are proud that they have worked all the conscious life at this enterprise. On the eve of his 60th birthday, we would like to wish that young workers with the same responsibility approached the chosen case, loved and respected the company they work for.

On the photo: Sophia Fominichna with her husband. Joint work experience at the enterprise of the spouses Makaterchik is 85 years

The word about the native factory
On the life of a difficult roll
Swiftly sweep the year.
In a year far from the sixty-ninth,
I came here as a simple girl:
In the working environment, in the factory life,
To the conveyor for the assembly of drives.
And since then I live, breathe, work
In his own brigade thirty
six years old.
Work experience - there are holidays
and everyday life.
Everything in him is what the heart and soul lived.
I will not hide that sometimes it is difficult,
But in life, life is also good.
Thank you, who in difficult
the hour was close,
Sharing with me a load of earthly cares.
Years go by, but joy does not fade
For that distant, God given year.
He is the first, he - the path to life is great,
It is not forgotten and not taken away.
And life hurries, as the ocean rages,
And that little girl - fifty
plus five.
And whatever happens, I firmly know:
Are registered forever in my destiny
Native factory entrance,
Our shop, a plant with the name BATE!

Sofya Makaterchik,
the newspaper "Tribuna" from 2005

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