Have worked the algorithm for emergency actions

Command-staff exercises on civil defense were held at our enterprise on March 15. The chiefs of the company's divisions, the commission for emergencies, as well as the chief specialist of the SSES Borisenko HROSH Sergey Tarasenko took part in the work.
The exercises were held in two stages: the theoretical part and the practical one on the basis of workshop number 5.
The most important theoretical concepts sounded AI. Fedorinchik, head of WMD, CS. He spoke about the classification of emergencies, natural disasters, disasters and other important concepts of civil defense. Listed potentially dangerous objects that are located on the territory of our enterprise, their characteristics and the main types of danger.
On the means of firefighting told V.V. Gapanovich, Chief Specialist on the OT, PBE. He listed the types of fire extinguishers, recalled the rules of their operation and storage.

During the practical training, all participants went to shop number 5, where the algorithm of actions was worked out for the given introductory: as a result of the breakthrough of the cooling jacket, water got into the hardening oil I-40. During the hardening operation, hot oil was released and a fire occurred.

During the exercise, all workers in the workshop were notified, the thermal furnaces were de-energized, evacuation, and then extinguishing the fire.
All stages of the exercises were held at a worthy level, the participants were able to recall the rules of behavior in emergency situations in order to clearly know the algorithm of actions in an extreme situation.

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