Congratulated on the 90th anniversary

Malvina Alexandrovna Boroda noted her 90th birthday on March 21. She worked at our enterprise for almost 50 years.

Malva Alexandrovna is one of those in whose life the Great Patriotic War left an unhealed wound. Even today, it clearly remembers that spring of 1944, when, after the burning of the native village of Zaremba, their family, along with their fellow villagers, hid in a dugout among forests and marshes. Before the release, there were only a few months, but the enemy's large military formations, which began massive anti-guerrilla and punitive operations, came. Malvina's father, together with all the grown men of his village, was the victim of one of these actions, he was shot as a partisan accomplice. Soon punitive detachments discovered women and children in the forest. As Malvina Alexandrovna recalled, they were driven by gunpoints at about four kilometers. Then there were long weeks in the wagons for livestock, bullying and beatings on the part of the supervisors, life half-starved and exhausting work in a concentration camp near Dusseldorf, where the girl had to carry large bricks. They all wore wooden shackles, they almost did not give food. At the end of 1944 they were transferred to Volokolamsk, they were driven to a large barn, where they were, until they were liberated by Soviet soldiers. Many years have passed since then, and today this staunch woman celebrates her 90th birthday.
Representatives of the trade union and veteran organizations and the administration of the enterprise came to congratulate Mal'vina Alexandrovna on her jubilee. She was given flowers and a cash gift. Malvan Alexandrovna was very touched by the attention and thanked for such a pleasant surprise.
Congratulations to Malvina Alexandrovna on her beautiful jubilee. We wish you health, peace of mind, happiness and attention of family and friends!

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