voluntary squad

The factory voluntary volunteer squad led by commander I.V. Zhelnerovsky was and remains today necessary and in demand. It consists of 22 combatants, including 15 women. They are people of different professions, but they all share one thing - the indifference to what is happening around, the desire to participate in the protection of public order in the streets of our city. For the first quarter of 2018 members of this detachment carried out 30 patrols together with the patrol and guard service. Their duties include not only patrolling the streets, suppressing offenses, but also their prevention, therefore members of the DD regularly appear in labor collectives.
Effective cooperation of such public groups with the bodies of internal affairs does not go unnoticed. For active and conscientious work on the protection of public order, the volunteer squad of our plant is marked by the Letter of Thanks of the Chairman of the Borisov District Executive Committee.

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