Gold fund of the factory
Valery Filippovich Krapivko has been working at the plant since 1972. As a 17-year-old boy, he crossed the threshold of the company, and so he stayed here for as long as 46 years. And this means that the plant "BATE" is the first and only place of work in the work biography of Valery Filippovich.

After graduation from school No. 85, he came to the repair and mechanics workshop No. 8 with a 4-level turner, where, after working for a year, he joined the army. And then he returned to his former place of work.
- When I came here for the first time, the plant seemed to me huge, - Valery Filippovich recalls. - Thousands of workers, we worked in 2-3 shifts. Production was rapidly developing: large volumes of products, introduction of new technologies, development of new types of products ...
Profession, according to Valery Filippovich, he chose an interesting, but not an easy one.
From the first days, he delved into all the subtleties of work, improved his skills. Turner Valery Filippovich worked for about 25 years, he was awarded the highest qualification. In competitions of professional skills, he has repeatedly won prizes, and in production has become an example of hard work, dedication to his profession and mentor for many young workers.
Distinctive features of the young turner were diligence, honesty, responsibility in all matters and endeavors. These qualities are inherent in Valery Filippovich even now. Today he is the head of the UGME department.
"We are facing an important task - we manufacture parts and repair factory equipment," says Valery Filippovich. - For each machine they are different. And in this case, our specialists need to be able to read the drawings, it will not be superfluous and, of course, knowledge of manufacturing techniques. Under my command are working milling machines, turners, installers. We have an experienced team. It's a pity, a little, which of the youth goes here to work, work is not easy, the work is complicated.
For many years of conscientious work, Valery Filippovich was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Industry, the Order of the Badge of Honor, the "Winner of Socialist Competition" and "The Drummer of the Five-Year Plan", he was awarded the title "Excellent Worker", "Veteran of Labor of the Plant", "Best Senior Master" . More than once his photo was brought to the factory Gallery of Honor. With such a "golden fund", the collective of JSC "BATE" - the managing company of the Holding "Avtocomponents", no doubt, can be proud.

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