Unique sights of Minsk

On May 26, the trade union committee of the enterprise organized an excursion to Minsk for factory workers and their children. They visited the National Library of Belarus, the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and the Botanical Garden. His impressions after the trip shared a specialist of weapons of mass destruction, CSLI Svetlana Fedorovna Budnik.
In the Temple of Knowledge and Wisdom
Of course, the National Library of Belarus is on the list of the most visited objects of the capital, along with the Independence Square and Troitsk suburb.
It would seem that what else, besides an unusual form and beautiful landscape zone, can a tourist attract a tourist? Strange as it may seem, there are actually more surprises. Moreover, I will say that visiting the library simply exceeded all my expectations.
Interesting begins already in the spacious and bright hall. Attention is drawn to the granite ball, rotating on a stream of water, symbolizing the value of knowledge, the infinity of the cognized world. Struck and the glass floor on the second floor of the hall.
It was interesting to observe how the book chosen by the reader "rides" on a special trench in the basket.
On the walls of the corridors, visitors can see paintings of Belarusian artists and tapestries, which, by the way, were created at the Borisov Works of Applied Art.
During the excursion we were told about the reading rooms, the system of ordering and issuing documents, the catalogs and card files of the library, the literature delivery system.
The height of the library is more than 73 meters. After a walk through the library on a glass elevator in just 40 seconds we went up to the 23rd floor, to the observation deck, to see Minsk from a height.
Museum of our memory
The Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War is the most modern of all the museums I've seen, with an interesting exhibition. I think he should be on the list of places that must be visited.
The "Roads of War" hall is sure to make it stay longer. It housed military equipment - tanks, airplanes, trucks and cars, guns. In the museum, installations with figures of people are actively used, which makes the exposition much more "alive" and interesting, especially for children.
The entrance to the hall, where it is told about the burnt Belarusian villages, is made so that everyone entering passes through the fire, and on this fire the names of the villages, wiped from the face of the earth, are changed.
The Museum of the Great Patriotic War is a unique landmark. The fact is that this is the only museum in the country, organized back in the years of the Nazi occupation, and the first in the world, dedicated to the events of the Second World War. He began his work in 1944, shortly after the liberation of Minsk.
The trip was very bright, rich, cognitive for children and adults. I would like to express my gratitude from the whole group for the financial support and organization of the excursion to the trade union committee of the enterprise.

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