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On May 25, traditional district competitions of sanitary squads took place in Borisov. Eleven teams of organizations and enterprises took part in them, including a sandwich of BATE JSC - the managing company of the holding Avtokomponenty.
It is right to impose a bandage and a tire on the injured person, to do cardiac massage, to provide first aid for burns and poisoning with harmful substances - their knowledge and practical skills of the sandwich should be applied in conditions close to reality.
The competitions were held in several stages. Participants demonstrated equipment and ability to use it, worked in the center of a combined defeat (it was necessary to find the victim, provide first aid and take out of the affected area), a chemical and infectious focus, and passed a theoretical examination.
In the course of preparation for the competition, a lot of work was done on training sandwiches. Thanks to this, the team of JSC BATE, the managing company of the Avtokomponenty Holding, led by Natalia Boyarova, showed clear and well-coordinated work and a high level of training in the competitions.

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