Significant successes in 1968 BATE met the first round date - a decade since the creation. The volume of production has increased almost 50 times, the level of specialization in the production of automotive electric equipment has approached 97%. In the next year after the anniversary, the plant celebrated another housewarming - 10,000 sq. M. Came into operation. production areas, for which the assembly shop has moved.
It was here, in the assembly shop, almost 50 years ago began the work biography of a beginner adjuster Leonid Yegorovich Ivanenko, who soon became a competent constantly improving specialist.
"I came to triple to the plant right after my service in the army." Why here? Maybe that's why my parents worked here: my father was a driver, my mother was in the assembly. And, of course, because "BATE" was already a big successful enterprise. I decided, with the inherent youthful juvenile maximalism, that the factory is right for me to implement my professional plans. Although the enterprise was not so easy to get into, there was a strict selection of personnel. But I was lucky, and they accepted me.
Those first years of work became for me unforgettable, as well as the first impressions about the plant. The assembly production then only moved to a new building, our shop was one of the most numerous - more than 1000 people. A little later, there was a division of the units - separated the plastics casting site, the collector ...
Before the service in the army, I just graduated from the technical school and as an expert, I think that at that time I did not know much about myself, so I tried to learn something from more experienced workers. Then he entered in absentia and graduated from the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Automotive and Automotive. Especially valuable for me in production issues were the advice of Valentin Petrovich Moroz. Then he worked as the head of the assembly shop.
By the way, cars interested the young worker not only professionally. In his youth, Leonid Egorovich actively engaged in motor sports. He was awarded the title of Master of Sports.
- Probably, all men dream about it, they want to feel some kind of drive. At DOSAAF in Borisov, there was a car club, about 10 years I worked there.
And if the spirit of rivalry and adrenaline reigned in sports, then organization and rational approach came to the forefront.
- I'm a technician in my warehouse, so I was interested in all the plant's updates, its development. To introduce rationalization proposals and thereby improve the technological process was considered the norm. This was an integral part of my work as a technician, and then - an engineer, a master, deputy chief of the shop for technical part.
It was implemented, indeed, much, all and can not remember, the equipment was constantly modernized, the automation of assembly production was actively carried out, many other know-how were introduced that allowed not only to increase production volumes, but also to improve the quality of products.
Industriousness is the visiting card of Leonid Yegorovich Ivanenko. And it is not just words. Wherever his fate casts, whatever positions he had to occupy, he was everywhere in his place, able to organize the process of work, establish order and achieve success.
In 2001, Leonid Yegorovich was appointed head of the assembly shop, the largest at that time, the key factory division, and over the next eight years the important final stage of the technological process - the assembly of factory products - was under his untiring control.
Leonid Ivanenko has many work achievements inscribed in the history of the plant, and his work was appreciated. In his treasury of awards, he has the honorary title of "The drummer of communist labor", the medal "For labor merit", the Order of Honor, more than once his photo was brought to the factory Honor Gallery, more than once he received Honorary Diplomas and Acknowledgments, and the name of Leonid Egorovich Ivanenko in the factory book of honor.
- Recognition and evaluation of labor for each employee is, of course, important. But the most important award, I believe, when people who work side by side, both the leadership and the team, are respected by you. And the secret is simple. It is necessary to work, and not to hope for easy money and high posts. Without knowledge, without experience, without perseverance, nothing happens. If you know and love your work, then you get a significant return. I do not remember who said that the consciousness of the fruitfulness of labor is one of the best pleasures. And I fully agree with this, "says Leonid Ivanenko.
Leonid Yegorovich and in his seventy, it seems, is capable of giving a head start to the young. Today he heads the service of repair and maintenance of technological equipment UGME. And without his native enterprise his life does not think.
"Everything is familiar here, my parents worked here, my daughter Olga is working today," says Leonid Yegorovich. "The BATE plant for me is my whole life.

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