Choosing Forever

In Soviet times, many young people came to work at the plant from school. So, after graduation, Eugenia Konstantinovna stepped over the factory entrance.

"I planned to study at the Literature Faculty of the Brest Pedagogical Institute. But as often happens, my plans are corrected fate - I did not act. So be it, I decided. So you need to think about choosing a different profession. Our neighbor then worked in a factory in a galvanic, she advised to go to the plant. So, October 22, 1971 was my first working day at the enterprise. "
A young girl found a job in the production shop as a student of a puncher. Evgeniya Konstantinovna and now continues to work at the enterprise, which became for these years already native, makes accessories for a starter. Watching her work, it became a little scary: the machine on which the woman works, with a clatter repulsing details, and the experienced stamper is at ease, and with surprising speed she puts the metal under the press.
According to Evgenia Konstantinovna, such work requires special care and responsibility throughout the whole working shift.
"At first, it was very difficult," says Yevgenia Konstantinovna, "but over the years I'm used to it, and now the hands themselves work" on the machine. "
Every day tons of metal pass through the puncher's hands and tens of thousands of parts are made. Today, for example, for the change Eugenia Konstantinovna made about 15 thousand. Bolts, screws, rivets, staples ... The details are all small, but their quality is very important for manufacturing the enterprise's products.
"Despite the rumbling of equipment and the clang of metal, my work I like. I remember, somehow in connection with the production necessity, I was temporarily transferred to the storekeeper. Later, when I returned to the work of the puncher, I understood how I missed my work place. I was always pleased to realize that a part of my work is invested in the production of factory products. I see how new parts appear on our site, which means that more and more starters are born in the assembly industry. I'm glad that the company is developing. "
The shop and the plant became the second home for Eugene Konstantinovna, and the production team a working family, where everyone depends on everyone and on everyone.
"The work here is hard, without mutual understanding and mutual assistance it would be even harder. And in friendship and harmony all are resolved, even the most unexpected or urgent issues. The collective here is friendly, sympathetic. Excellent people work next to me: Lilia Mytnik, Natalia Vrublevskaya, Raisa Kryshtop, Nina Narashevich, Galina Eremeeva, Lilia Sidorova ... We met and became friends while we were still young. When it was time for the son to determine the place of work, I also advised Jura to work here at BATE. Today he is working as a tool-fitter at the UO. "
In his spare time, Yevgenia Konstantinovna was not used to sit with her hands folded. Among her hobbies an important place is occupied by flowers, which she has a lot of, both garden and indoor, and ... football.
"Many women believe that football is a boring game and an exclusively male passion. I completely disagree with this, "says Yevgenia Konstantinovna. - My son is fond of football. Once I came to the stadium, I liked it. Now the whole family is rooting for the BATE team. For four years now I have not missed a single game in the country. So I do not have time for boredom - family, football and, of course, my favorite work ".

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