Summer is a time of discovery

In the camp "Salute" children do not just rest. They go in for sports, play football and volleyball, checkers and tennis, participate in various competitions, draw, dance, sing ... In general, spend summer vacations fun, interesting and useful.

"The theme" The land of our beloved for the century "has become central throughout the entire shift and the entire summer season-2018," says Natalya Stepanovna Minald, deputy head of the Salyut camp. - One of the conditions for the prosperity of the country is an active civil position, but it can not be fully active without knowing the history of its state. Therefore, we had an idea to combine civil-patriotic education and the educational game process, which will contribute to improving knowledge of the history of Belarus. It was decided to take a period from the history of Belarus (XIII-XV centuries) and create a game module based on real facts and events. "
According to the idea of ​​the organizers, each unit is a Castle for which its own legend, laws, traditions, greetings, arms and secrets are made up. Each of the Castles is part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Throughout the whole shift, Castles compete among themselves in collecting lands that can be won in various competitions or bought for a certain amount of pennies (change currency). The "conquered" lands are then recorded on a conditional map.
To children this idea immediately fell in love, and they practically from the first day actively joined in the process of "mining" of pennies for prizes in sports competitions, participation in camp events, for carrying out assignments, and organization of duty.
During the conversation with Natalia Stepanovna we pass through the territory of the camp. At the volleyball net, the guys are preparing for the sports day. Immediately, the boys play younger with the ball, the girls learn racquets. A little bit behind the tables are lovers of drafts and drawing ... I think everyone here will find an interesting lesson for themselves. We approach the smallest, I'm interested in impressions.
"I am resting here for the first time, and I like everything here," says Misha, a dark-haired, agile boy. "And here the delicious food and soft bed. And then how much space ... ", - with more enthusiasm is complemented by his more talkative Masha.
The summer camp program is thought out to the last detail. Thanks to this, the ordinary life of children turns into fascinating adventures, and each new day presents discoveries, surprises and joys. No change can not do without the beloved comic football, which has already become a traditional dance festival "At the Cross of the Ages", sporting events, fun starts, outdoor games and discos. For girls the contest "Mini Miss Camp" Salute "-2018" was organized. There are two sports associations on interests - football and tennis, and for girls - circle on beading.
"Our task is not only to organize a diversified health-improving recreation, enriched with knowledge, skills and skills in various activities, but also to educate patriotism and love for our Motherland, to promote the motivation of a healthy lifestyle," says N.S. Minald. - Our traditional actions - "I am a gramat of Belarus," "I live in Belarus, you're hurting yourself", "I'm a healthy country", "We follow the laws of roads", "Vacations without smoke and fire" ... This summer, five excursions. Visiting the zoo, dolphinarium and, of course, circus - for the youngest. For older children - a trip to the Berezinsky Reserve, a trip "Injection - Zaslavl", a patriotic excursion "Khatyn - Mound of Glory". To popularize the Belarusian language in the camp, the patriotic idea of ​​a change is realized through the participation of children in various actions. "We grind the Belarusian language" - every day the pupils get acquainted with the new word and its interpretation in their native language. Within the framework of the action "Cultural capital of Belarus" every Castle (detachment) gets acquainted with the history, cultural heritage of Belarusian cities. And at the end of the shift pupils have the opportunity to choose a city that, in their opinion, can claim the title "The Cultural Capital of Belarus".
Time in the children's camp runs unnoticed. It would seem, most recently was the opening of the shift, another week - and now it ends. The guys are already preparing for the final event. Soon there will be a concert dedicated to the closing of the shift, the boys and girls will show their mums and dads their talents and, having grown rusty, leave for home. But the stormy activity in the camp "Salute" continues - the baton will be given to those who are fortunate enough to come here soon.

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