And on the rocks grow flowers

Employees continue to decorate the factory and surrounding territory with fresh flowers and original flower beds. This time, new flower compositions using gabion compositions appeared at the plant entrance.
By the way, gabions have a rich history dating back to the reign of Napoleon. In French, "gabion" means "stone cage". This is a solid structure made of metal or wire welded wire mesh, filled with stone. Such fences served as redoubts, or additional reinforcements from landslides near water bodies. Modern landscape designers successfully use them for other purposes.
New flowerbeds in the form of a sphere, snails, look really unusual, and a scattering of colorful flowers pleases the eye and lifts factory employees a mood.

"I wanted to do something original, I think we did it. Unconventional net-stone constructions favorably emphasize the tenderness and touching of flowers. The mobility of landscape gabions makes it possible to implement the most daring design plans. An additional advantage is their special strength and durability, - says Elena Vladimirovna Ivko, an engineer in the area of ​​maintenance of the PDU. - A whole team of factory workers worked on the creation of gabion compositions. The project was developed by the engineer-technologist UGT Alexander Komar. Then, under the strict guidance of the master Oksana Vladimirovna Yakimovich, UGME specialists from the metal made designs. And, in the last turn, those who laid stones in the shape and decorated it with flowers all worked - the workers of the anchor section of the joint venture NV NV. Ionnikova, E.A. Arlovskaya, V.M. Yakushevich and others. The work is very laborious. People invested in her soul. I can not but note the work of the workers of shop number 18 AS. Tsageynik, G.E. Schmidt, T.A. Savlevich, R.I. Stankevich. A huge thanks to all those who take part in the creation of beauty and coziness, in the design of the surrounding areas. "
Accomplishment of the factory and adjoining terri- tories is carried out constantly, so that our small Homeland will be beautiful, well-groomed and unrepeatable.

Now it is important to save this beauty, because all with such diligence, with such love is done for each of us, for the city in which we live. Comfort and comfort in it depend on us and you.

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