Our veterans are the most athletic and active

Quickly run, jump high, fervently dance, accurately throw a basketball in the ring - do you think this is a problem for representatives of veteran organizations? You are mistaken. Participants of the competitions among the veteran organizations "Merry Starts" demonstrated their creative fervor and sports energy, which were held at the end of February on the basis of the GUM "Gymnasium No. 3".

More than 10 primary veteran organizations took part in sports competitions. Among them are representatives of our plant, who have worked at the enterprise for many years and are now on a well-deserved rest, but are still full of energy and energy, and can give a head start even to the young. Our team consisted of veterans of the enterprise: Vladimir Reut, Gennady Efimov, Inessa Petrishche, Nadezhda Nekrashevich, Valentina Raguzova, Antonina Reshetnik, Nina Kazarnovich.

The participants demonstrated not only their sports training, but also their creative abilities. In the "Welcome" competition, the teams were able to paraphrase well-known poems and songs, and even dance a little.

Then the teams were expecting sports, an intellectual contest. All the teams showed good results, and most importantly they had a great time, met each other and were charged with positive emotions.
Congratulations to all participants!

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