The first museum of interactive history in Belarus

Recently, for factory workers, the trade union committee of the enterprise organized an excursion to the manor and park complex "History Park Sula" - the first museum of interactive history in Belarus. Interactive history means that every guest of Sula will become an active participant in all the theatrical and entertaining activities of the complex.
The land of Sula over the centuries is inextricably linked with the glorified names of its owners. Its owners were Stefan Batory, Vishnevetsky, Radziwills. The last owners of the estate were Lenskie, which is still remembered by the inhabitants of the village of Sula. Pavel Lensky began to build the estate in the 19th century. The last owner of the estate was Pani Elzbieta, whose share fell severely. In 1939 the manor was blown up.
Through the efforts of the indifferent people under the leadership of Andrei Zapolsky, much has been restored and recreated. The museum was opened in 2012. There are 13 interactive historical sites that cover all stages of the history of Belarus.
Undoubtedly, the pearl of the historical complex is the Royal Assembly, where you can get acquainted with the noble traditions, see a collection of tapestries, paintings and knives, see a real saber battle, learn medieval dances.
Cromlechs are the most ancient man-made megalithic structures in the history of mankind, representing groups of stones (menhirs). There is a belief that cromlech is a kind of "portal of transition to other worlds" and bestows healing from illnesses, helps in the search for truth and is an amulet of gender and place.
The most mysterious place in the history park is the Chapel-Rotunda, the family tree of the Lensky family. In addition, on the territory of the Sula manor, you can visit the Lenskys Museum, inspect the painstakingly restored Lensky Manor House, the Stables, the Armory Forge, and the Parking of an Ancient Man.
Tatyana Leonidovna Chekashova (testing laboratory of the Ukrainian Thermonuclear Research Institute):
- In the estate park "Park of the History of Sula" we met people who are really keen on their business, thanks to them, this museum has been created and is now operating. I really liked the story of the guide in the Lenskikh Museum, so with a soul she talked about the hard times of the people who lived here before. Did not leave indifferent and an excursion to the stylized Jewish house and its superintendent. We were fascinated by stories about the history of Belarus, about crafts, about weaving. Thanks to the trade union company, we spent this day off profitably, expanding our horizons, deepening our knowledge of our native country.

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