"The plant has become for me a real school of life"

The collector of electric machines and devices of shop ?6 Tatyana Vladimirovna Chursina today any more does not represent herself in any other trade, and once she dreamed of being a cook. But fate has not given effect to these plans. Tatiana had to grow up early, help the family, take care of her sick mother, so she could not leave to study in another city. But she tried not to give in before the blows of fate, do not give up. As a strong, strong-willed nature, Tatyana did not become dejected, but applied to Borisov Vocational School No. 85. A year later, in 1974, after receiving the specialty of a fitter, she started working at the BATE plant.
The labor path began at the assembly site of the anchor, which became for her the only place of work. So if there was a medal "For the fidelity of the profession, the plant, the collective", then Tatyana Vladimirovna, no doubt, would have been awarded it. However, our heroine does not work for the sake of letters and thanks, which, incidentally, she has a lot. Simply Tatiana Vladimirovna has become attached to the plant and to the collective.
"I have been working here for more than 40 years. And I do not regret that I connected my life with the enterprise. The plant has become for me a real school of life: he gave me and good moments in my life, and acquaintance with remarkable people, and loyal friends. I like my profession, I like working in this team. I've always been lucky with my colleagues. And this, in my opinion, is almost the most important thing in any profession, "the interlocutor is convinced.
The hardworking, purposeful and energetic worker has mastered her profession to the smallest detail, and today rich work experience helps her to work practically at any point of the assembly cycle of the anchor of various modifications. Dozens of anchors of the starter are assembled by her skilled and almost manly strong hands for a working shift. Eh, you would see how cleverly it is managed, in general, with no job at all.
"Our work, of course, is heavy, requiring great physical exertion," says Tatyana Vladimirovna. - And women have to work on a par with men. But I'm used to it, I manage it. It happens, of course, that I get tired of work, but only physically, I appreciate the warm atmosphere that is always present here, among people who have become close to me. "
As a true woman, Tatyana Vladimirovna considers her work not success as her main achievement, but her family, the fact that she raised and brought up two sons. According to the interlocutor, it is in the family, creating a cosiness and supporting the home, caring for her family, the woman finds happiness. Absolutely sincerely, Tatyana Vladimirovna believes: "No matter how wonderful the work is, no matter how wonderful your colleagues surround you, only next to your loved ones, giving them your love and care, you feel yourself to be a really necessary person, a woman, a wife, a mother, grandmother. "

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