Once and for life
Fate often leads us to a crossroads, and we are faced with a choice - what should we do? And on what decision we will take, at times all our further life depends. So, faced with a choice, one day, 17-year-old Valentina Shvaibovich stepped through the entrance of the BATE factory, and for 47 years now she has been working in a collective that has become her family.
"I chose BATE because the plant was an authoritative and promising enterprise. I came back after graduation from the 9th grade, of course, I did not have a profession yet, - recalls Valentina Nikolaevna, - I was accepted as a turner student in shop number 3. I was very lucky that I got in a team with a friendly team. The people who worked close to me were always open to transfer part of their skills. The main thing in this case is to be interested, learn, ask. I studied. At work I tried to master all the nuances of the lathe work quickly, after finishing the work shift I learned the basics of knowledge in the evening school. "
Years passed unnoticed. Today, Valentina Nikolaevna, working as a semi-automatic lathe operator, knows not only the turning craft, but also mastered the adjacent professions of a milling cutter, driller, and revolver. And, as every worker of the workshop, at any time is ready to perform a variety of tasks, since the main production principles are mutual assistance and interchangeability.
"I am already retired," says Valentina Nikolaevna, "but I have the strength and experience, and I continue to work - the plant became a native. For today I feel myself a demanded specialist, for the years of my work I had many students, to whom I transferred my professional knowledge.
I liked working at the plant in Soviet times, it's nice today. I remember how the whole team participated in the festive demonstrations. We were friendly then, a good team has developed in our team and now.
Today, the factory has more comfortable working conditions. New equipment, modern technologies. At the same time, as in the past, discipline and order. The requirements to the quality of products, to the culture of production in divisions are being raised. I would like to see more young people come to the plant, so that the company constantly develops new types of products - what is most in demand today and what consumers will be interested in tomorrow. After all, for this "BATE" has everything: the experience of introducing innovations, and the golden hands of specialists, whose experience is subject to much. "

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