Protection against counterfeiting of JSC BATE

Care for quality and safety of products is one of the main tasks of the manufacturing plants. from July 1, 2018 JSC BATE introduced interactive protection of products from counterfeits - the brand-control system DAT. Products of JSC "BATE", listed below, will be marked with a special sticker, the protective layer of which is a label containing a unique random fifteen-digit identification code, closed with lamination. The identification code can only be read after the top layer has been opened.
The DAT brand control system is an exclusive technology of protection against fakes of Aventa-Info, a proven partner for the complex solution of intellectual property management issues.
It is very simple to verify the authenticity of BATE's products:
1. Open the top layer of the DAT-sticker located on the front side of the BATE packaging of products under it. You will see a numeric code of authenticity

2. Check the authentication code on the main page of the site or send a free SMS with the code to number 3888. Please note that SMS is free! You can also check the authenticity of the products by downloading to your smartphone the mobile application "Brand Control"

3. In response, the system will send you a message about the authenticity of BATE's products. If the system responds to counterfeits, please report this fact by calling the hotline 8-800-100-38-88 (call free of charge in Russia) or by e-mail: If you purchased counterfeit, read the USER RIGHTS.

The list of the products of JSC "BATE" labeled with a protective sticker:

  • Starter 422.3708000-01
    Starter 42.3708000-01
    Starter 5112.3708000
    Starter 42.3708000-11
    Generator 3282M.3771000-11
    Generator 3252.3771000-50
    Generator 3212M.3771000
    Generator 3282M.3771000
    Generator 3282.3771000
    Generator 3232.3771000

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