Current capacities

The production potential of the plant includes a wide range of different productions: sheet-stamping, thermogalvanic, machine-assembly, assembly, allowing to ensure production output in the planned volumes. To provide the main production with non-standard equipment, technological equipment and tools, all kinds of energy, as well as to maintain the technological equipment in good condition, the factory has auxiliary workshops: instrumental, repair and mechanical with the machine tool building sector, power plant.
So in 2017, for the engines of the YaMZ-534/536 family of the Euro-4 ecological standard of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, it is planned to develop and assimilate a new starter with a planetary gearbox 5312.3708, 5302.3708, and a 32152.3771 generator in a 12 volt version for Gazon-NEXT vehicles. The development of starters 5442.3708 and 5442.3708-20, a generator 3292.3771 for engines produced by ZAO KAMMINZ-KAMA was started, the end of the project — at the end of 2017. In addition, in 2017, it is planned to increase the production of previously mastered starters 5402.3708-01 and 5432.3708-10 for KAMAZ Inc. to replace the group of starters ST142 and CT142B.
At present, the production structure of BATE, the managing company of the Avtokomponenty Holding, includes assembly production, a press shop, a mechano-assembly shop, a thermogalvanic shop, an automatic shop and a lid manufacturing workshop, including a foundry of aluminum alloys.
For the production of finished products in assembly, there are 1 conveyor for assembling generators with a throughput of 40 thousand pieces of generators, 2 conveyors and 2 semi-automatic lines for the production of small and medium-sized starters, as well as 1 conveyor and 2 production lines for high-power starters. Total capacity of the enterprise for starters is 92 thousand pieces per month.
In the sheet-stamping production of the enterprise, more than 300 types of starter parts are manufactured. As part of the machine shop of the press shop, there are crank presses with a force of 13 to 315 tons, presses with a force of 10 to 200 tons. Mechanical processing of the starter housings is performed on multi-spindle semiautomatic machines and aggregate machines.
The machine assembly shop consists of a section for processing shafts of generators and reducer starters, a section for processing shafts of starters with direct drive and a section for machining the relay parts. More than 90 units of equipment are involved in the technological process of shaft making, including lathe, centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding machines, profiled machine tools from different manufacturers. Thermal treatment of shafts is carried out on modern equipment for hardening of HDTV with CNC.
At the enterprise, the processing of the covers of the starters is carried out on modern fast-handling machining centers installed in the mechanical shop, as well as on the automatic lines of the shop for the manufacture of covers designed and manufactured for the production of a limited range of products.
In galvanic production, high-capacity automatic lines are used, on which phosphating, galvanizing and chromium-plating of parts are made. In 2011, a new automatic phosphating line with saponification was purchased, the installation and commissioning of which was carried out in the 1st quarter of 2012.
The development strategy of BATE, the managing company of AvtoKomponenty Holding, is aimed at continuing the technical re-equipment, shifting the emphasis on production diversification, unifying the product lineup and expanding the geography of supply, and expanding the range of products that the company is selling in demand on the product market by developing New designs and the application of new technological processes to improve operational parameters, Reducing the cost of production, obtaining additional profits.
In the future, on the basis of new products created, it is planned to develop and master the production of a unified range of starters and generators in order to expand the range of their applicability. In general, the main tasks in the field of assortment policy of the enterprise in the coming years will be aimed at developing capacities for the serial production of new types of starters and generators, as well as improving technology and improving the quality of products.