Foundry production

JSC "BATE" — managing company of the holding "automotive Components" implemented the Project on introduction of automated systems on the basis of machines for casting under high pressure horizontal cold chamber die with locking force from 3000 to 5000 kN with the capability of making castings for MLD mod. 71108 with locking force 2500 kN.

Last modernization of the foundry site possible to eliminate and substantially reduce the impact of negative factors on the process of obtaining good castings not only due to the introduction of modern machines for casting under pressure, but also by new technical solutions in the organization of the smelting Department.

Commissioning of the centralized melting and smelting, modern equipment has allowed the improvement of the quality of the melt and the obtained castings due to the strict control of temperature parameters and the possibility of refining and degassing of the melt. With the centralized fusion, has simplified the use of returnable waste of own production of non-waste production. Particularly noteworthy also is the rejection of the use of iron crucibles in the operation of melting and distributing furnaces.

Currently, it is a global trend, JSC "BATE" — managing company of the holding "automotive Components" has gone the way of the development of automated systems and improving the technology to produce high quality melt.

The introduction of automatic saluditos, automatic oilers and robotic extractors (tenants) casting made it possible to reduce influence of human factor on the process of producing castings, helped to increase the productivity, reduce the cost of electricity per unit of output, and also to solve some environmental issues and occupational safety.

The company abandoned the use of similar machines for casting under high pressure, since the existing nomenclature of castings and the economic situation dictate the requirements for a more differentiated approach in the preparation of the proceedings of the selection ratio: the capacity of MLD, the number of nests of the mold.

It should be noted that the transition to a modern, automated foundries complexes required the use of modern high-performance lubricants with low attorney ability like plunger pairs directly for the forming of molds.

The experience and the highly skilled personnel allow the company to produce castings of various degrees of complexity, including those with a bond reinforcement weight from 100 g. up to 2 kg with a wall thickness of casting up to 3-4 mm.

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