Research and development

Design, manufacture of experimental samples and experimental batches of newly developed products, as well as the tests created and modernized constructions carried out by the Office of Design — experimental studies led by Chief Designer — Head UKER.

The structure UKER includes:

— Department of designing and modernization of starters (OPiMS);

— Generator design and modernization of the department (OPiMG);

— Testing Laboratory (IL).

The main directions of engineering departments:

— Designing new competitive starters and alternators to meet modern requirements for enterprise-level customers and markets automotive components;

— Work on the modernization of structures of products in order to improve reliability, reduce material consumption and improve performance;

— Ensure patent cleanliness of developed products, the identification of the objects of industrial property and to ensure their legal protection in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

Design of new products is carried out using three-dimensional modeling program Pro-Engineer.

conducted tests of prototypes developed and upgraded products on the basis of the test laboratory and test components for new suppliers for the purpose of issuing the conclusion of the possibility of their use in newly developed and manufactured products.

Produced by JSC "BATE" — managing company "Automotive components" products (starters, generators, insulation boards made of extruded polystyrene) is certified by the National Certification System of the Republic of Belarus and in the GOST R Certification System

Products protected by a trademark on the territory of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Estonia, as well as four patents and two patents for industrial design.

UKER A team is constantly working to develop new competitive products in demand on the markets of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union countries.

In 2014, as part of a unified lineup of generators increased power with current output 110A, instead of commercially available generators with current output 90A, mastered generator 32182.3771 production car assembly "GAS" with the engine UMZ-4216 and EVOTECH 2.7 Ulyanovsk motor plant and generator 3242.3771 (28V, 100A) — for trucks with Euro-4 environmental standard production of "KAMA3".

In connection with the expansion of the use of a family of diesel engines YaMZ-650 Euro-4 emissions standard, produced by Yaroslavl Motor Plant licensed Renault Trucks French companies, as well as the development of production at Yaroslavl Motor Plant new family of in-line diesel engine YaMZ-530 Euro-4 emissions standard, JSC "BATE" — managing company "Automotive components" holding ongoing work on the creation of starters for operation in the motors.

Thus, the engine starter motor development is completed series YaMZ-530 with integrated planetary gear 5302.3708 (24V 4kW) for YaMZ-650 engine — starter with integrated planetary gear 5502.3708 (24V, 5.5 kW).

Also, the development of engines for increased current output of the generator being YaMZ-650 3262.3771 (28V, 100A).

For engines of Euro-3 ecological standard Euro-4 KAMAZ vehicles with high power consumption (air-conditioned) completed increased current output of the generator development 3242.3771-10 (28B, 100A).

Because all of these products are export-oriented production and are intended mainly for the market of the Russian Federation, due to the introduction in 2015 of the new technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 018/2011 "On the safety of wheeled vehicles", which is subject to the requirements on produced by our enterprise starters and generators, are working on the above-mentioned confirmation of compliance products to the requirements of the Technical regulations.