JSC "BATE" — managing company of the holding "automotive Components" currently has the capacity to provide services in the framework of industrial cooperation. The company in sufficient quantity is available production capacity, skilled personnel, equipment for performing work on mechanical, galvanic, heat treatment, welding and Assembly.

The technological capabilities of the enterprise include:

1. Metalworking equipment:

— lathes and semi-automatic machines with CNC;

— machining centers with CNC;

grinding machines;

milling machines;

profile — thread rolling machines.

2. Pressing equipment:

— crank, a hydraulic press;

— press — machines;

— cold — heading machines;

— cutting lines of rolled metal;

— equipment for hot forging of the metal.

3. Equipment for electroplating and heat treatment:

— zinc, rovaniementie, passivation;

— oxidation (tool);

— chrome plating for tooling;

— phosphate with opylivanie (to facilitate cold deformation of billets before extrusion);

— phosphate with oiling (protective against corrosion and anti-friction);

— hardening HDTV;

— full annealing, normalizing, oil quenching, the release of low, medium, high;

— cementation, nitrocarburizing.

4. The equipment for casting of metals and plastics:

— die casting of aluminium alloys (dimensions 200200100; casting weight of 0.04-1.5 kg) on machines with a horizontal cold pressing chamber;

— plastics injection molding (castings 63, 95, 125 cm3);

extrusion of plastic materials (thermoplastics, thermosets).

In addition to the existing technological processes, the company is developing its own tool production. Has experience in the design and manufacture of complex production tooling (molds and dies), and the production of various devices and tools.

The company also has the possibility of providing laboratory services.

Central laboratory of JSC "BATE" — managing company of the holding "automotive Components" provides paid services to third-party customers in the following areas:

— carrying out of instrumental measurements of the workplace air at workplaces for the production of laboratory control (PLC) and of certification of workplaces on working conditions: determination of the concentration of dust, nitrogen dioxide, chromic anhydride, hydrogen chloride, sulphuric acid, manganese, iron, spray oils, industrial oils, chromium oxide, alkali hydroxide, lead, phenol, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ammonia, xylene, toluene.

— measurements of harmful factors at workplaces: definition of noise, vibration, lighting, microclimate.

— conduct physico-chemical testing of waste water: determination of the concentration of suspended solids, dry residue, total iron, ammonium ions, phosphates, sulfates, chlorides, chromium, and pH measurement.

— measurements of concentrations of pollutants in the air industrial emissions of the plant (local monitoring): the determination of the concentration of dioxide and nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and determination of pressure, temperature, speed and flow of gas and dust flows, pressure and temperature of the environment.

— determination of chemical composition of alloys of iron, aluminum and copper bases by the method of spectral analysis.

Central laboratory accredited for testing in the accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO/ IEC 17025. Accreditation certificate BY/112 from 12.07.2004 G.

JSC "BATE" — managing company of the holding "automotive Components" is ready to consider proposals for the provision of services, production of parts, components and assemblies for the needs of Your company.

We hope for mutually advantageous and long term cooperation.

Contact person:

chief technologist — head of UGT Miscavige Dmitry Valeryevich;

phone: +375 (0177) 74-49-64;

e-mail address e-mail: